Conference call details new NFL virus protocols

4:29 PM ET

The NFL implemented a new set of COVID-19 protocols Monday in response to one team outbreak and a series of other positive tests that forced multiple changes to the Week 4 game schedule.

In a memo released after a call with officials of every team, commissioner Roger Goodell called on clubs to “recommit ourselves to our protocols and best practices for the duration of the season.”

Moving forward, Goodell wrote, the league will issue discipline that could include loss of draft choices or forfeit of a game if protocol violations occur that result in the spread of the virus, adjustments to schedule or other unspecified league impact.

“The protocols do not implement themselves,” Goodell added, “and our progress thus far cannot lead us to complacency. Complacency is our shared opponent.”

According to the memo, the league will now:

* Require a longer onboarding process for free-agent tryouts

* Limitations on the number of tryouts per week

* Ban on gatherings outside the club facility

* Implement a video monitoring system to ensure compliance with protocols.

In addition to the new requirements, the NFL has recommended taking all meetings virtual and wearing masks or shields during practices

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