Lost in the continuing drama about Tuesday’s elections, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission set a new milestone.

The commission, which meets every 20 years and has the unique ability to place proposed constitutional changes directly before voters, saw the passage of seven amendments it put on the ballot.

It was the first time a ballot slate from the constitutional panel won full approval from voters, despite controversy over the combining of multiple issues in single ballot measures.

The 1998 commission had nine ballot measures, with eight passing. The 1978 commission saw all eight of its ballot measures rejected by the voters.

This year’s panel also achieved ballot success while being the first commission to face a requirement that constitutional amendments receive approval from 60 percent of voters. That requirement was put in place in 2006.

Amendment 12, which will strengthen lobbying restrictions and create new ethics standards for public officials, achieved the highest vote total and approval percentage of any statewide issue or candidate Tuesday, with nearly eight out of every 10 voters endorsing the measure.

Former Senate President Don Gaetz, a Niceville Republican who served on the 37-member commission,

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