Cord Byrd downplays wife’s ‘coming civil wars’ language as ‘figure of speech’

A Florida lawmaker is downplaying his wife’s comments supportive of protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol last week to derail certification of the presidential election.

Rep. Cord Byrd, who represents HD 11, downplayed the comments by Esther Byrd, his wife, about the “coming civil wars” as just figurative language.

“No, and I laugh because you’re in journalism and people use hyperbole all the time,” Byrd told WJXT Tuesday. “The Speaker of the House has said, and I quote, ‘I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country.’”

Asked to clarify that statement, Byrd said “people talk about civil wars in the Republican Party.”

“There are factions. People believe different things. It was a figure of speech and that’s how it was intended.”

The full statement from Mrs. Byrd: “In the coming civil wars (We the People vs the Radical Left and We the People cleaning up the Republican Party), team rosters are being filled. Every elected official in DC will pick one. There are only 2 teams… With Us [or] Against Us,” she mused. “We the People will NOT forget!”

The Byrds left Twitter in recent days, but the news cycle isn’t quite

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