Cost of a Thanksgiving meal drops, here’s how much it costs in Tampa Bay

(NEXSTAR) — With Thanksgiving just over a week away, you may be rushing to get the ingredients you’ll need for the big feast. While we’re still seeing inflation in grocery stores, your meal may not be as expensive as it was last year

Throughout 2022, we were facing an outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), which led to lower production in the turkey industry. That, coupled with increased demand, kept turkey prices high around Thanksgiving.

“Volunteer shoppers” with the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) reported that the average price for a 16-pound bird was $28.96, or about $1.81 per pound, up 21% compared to 2021. That contributed to a record-setting price of $64.05 to serve a feast for 10, the Farm Bureau reported.

This year, the Farm Bureau reports the same-sized meal will set you back about $61.17, a 4.5% decrease over last year. While a drop, that price is still 25% higher than the price they projected for a Thanksgiving meal in 2019.

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