COVID-19 case numbers, hospitalizations up week-to-week across South Florida tri-county area

The coronavirus resurgence in South Florida is continuing to worsen, with raw case numbers and hospitalizations rising in all three major South Florida counties.

The share of tests coming back positive also increased once again across the tri-county area. But the rate of that metric’s week-to-week rise has slowed. That could be a sign the newest surge is nearing its peak, or it could be noise in the data due to other factors.

Newly-released data from the Department of Health shows the raw number of cases in South Florida making a huge week-to-week jump. That’s partly due to a surge in testing. With the virus spreading more quickly, and with the COVID-19 resurgence in the news, far more people have flocked to testing centers in the past week than had been in weeks prior.

More testing does not fully explain the increase in cases, however. The share of positive tests is also increasing — though again, not as quickly in weeks past.

From Oct. 30-Nov. 5, Miami-Dade County saw a 6.5% positivity rate. The next week, that number jumped to 8% — a 1.5-point rise. This past week, that number rose just 0.7 points, to 8.7%

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