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CRESTVIEW — After this election, Florida could be joining the 26 states that allow medical marijuana.

If it passes, Florida’s Amendment 2, otherwise known as the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, would legalize medical marijuana for individuals with specific debilitating diseases or comparable debilitating conditions as determined by a licensed state physician.

In 2014, Amendment 2 was narrowly defeated with a 57.62 percent majority voting yes. According to Florida’s constitution, the amendment requires 60 percent supermajority vote to pass. But some folks in Northwest Florida, such as Crestview resident Lance Kreck, are optimistic that the amendment will pass this time.

Kreck is making plans to start farming medical cannabis and hemp locally through his business, Happy Herb Organics.

“It started with a question,” he said.

After seeing how close the vote was in 2014, Kreck started researching and got involved with investing in cannabis businesses before he decided to start his own with another local entrepreneur. As he started to make contacts, he came to know Colorado-based farmer, Pauli Roterdam.

Kreck said he was impressed with Roterdam’s process and his commitment to reducing his carbon footprint. Together they’ve started looking for land in Northwest Florida to start farming. A dispensary and delivery service may come in the future.

Roterdam, a self-described consultant/hemp farmer/genetic scientist, has been working in agriculture for years under the name Audacious Farms. He doesn’t just grow marijuana, but also fruits, vegetables and hemp. In the past five years, he started to focus on different benefits of cannabis and creating different products to help with various ailments.

“Everything from migraines, hepatitis C, diabetes,” Roterdam said. “I don’t diagnose or treat or cure … it’s a natural solution.”

He said he has one client who is about 9 years old and

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