Cruise industry plans comeback for 2021

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. (WESH) – Big plans are in the works in 2021 for the badly weakened cruise industry.

It’s been three-quarters of a year now that cruise ships have sat idle at anchor, often visible off the city of Cape Canaveral, however big plans are in the works.

Disney just released a quick peek at one of the new super-ships it’s building, the Disney Wish. It should be ready in 2022. A new promotional video for the ship features crewmembers with facemasks.

The cruise industry is planning its comeback in 2021, one that’s expected to start slowly.

“It may not be back the way it was for another two years. It’s not going to come back the way it shut down,” Port Canaveral Chief Executive Officer Capt. John Murry said.

However, there’s high optimism people still want to cruise.

A new report from a Cruise Industry Association says 66% of experienced cruise passengers are willing to cruise again within a year. The industry is spending $24 billion on new ships and has already made 200 safe voyages worldwide since last July.

None of those cruises were from Florida ports. The industry association says every day the suspension continues comes

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