Cultivation Assistant Lead – Parallel – Wimauma, FL


This position operates under the direction of the Cultivation Manager and is responsible for assisting with all aspects of the Company’s cultivation operation including general labor, vegetative, flowering and may assist in monitoring and documenting plant growth.


Daily Operations

  • Monitor and maintains the optimal climate, fertility and integrated pest management (IPM) program as well as supervises the labor and materials needed.
  • for production.
  • Effectively manages the seed inventory, plant seeds; propagates seedlings into mothers; and maintains the Mothering Plants through watering, fertilizing, leaf,pruning, and IPM.
  • Responsible for the turnover of mothering plants including all aspects of seeding, propagation, plant destruction and preparing plants for the vegetative compartment.
  • Participates in inventory activities.
  • Coordinates cuttings taken from the Mothering Plants and pots clones in the Mothering Room.
  • Effectively manages the crop work: watering, fertilizing , pruning and IPM programs.
  • Responsible for the production and delivery of vegetative cuttings.
  • General Labor.
  • Growing inspections.
  • Sanitation, trimming, pruning, harvesting, receiving, shipping warehouse, extraction kitchen helper.
  • Routine daily work responsibilities to ensure production, sanitation, inventory, control and general labor support as required.
  • Maintain an immaculate environment at all times.
  • Cultivation Assistant Lead.


  • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Endurance.
  • Hand and eye coordination.
  • Willing to work additional hours, as necessary, and Holidays.
  • Must be able to follow instructions unsupervised.
  • Ability to concentrate on each task.
  • The ability to understand and communicate information is essential.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to perform repetitive tasks for long periods of time (i.e., trimming plants, potting, and regular inventory activities, as needed).
  • Plant knowledge helpful but not necessary.
  • High School Diploma/GED.
  • Must be 21 years of age.

6 Core Values of a Surterra Employee

  • Integrity – We operate in a regulated and unchartered industry. Act and make decisions that stand up to scrutiny and reflect our position as a sophisticated, credible and respected leader. Be honest, trustworthy, dependable, and honorable. Demonstrate sound moral and ethical ways of interacting.
  • Collaboration – We are a collection of the best talent at all levels. Learn and grow from this diversity: welcome healthy debate and proactively seek other perspectives and points of view to find the best solution while not resting on consensus. Proactively ensure the right people have the right information at the right time. Work as a team vs. an individual performer.
  • Agility – We are growing incredibly fast in a new industry. Be open to change, be ready to pivot on the moment’s notice, and act with a sense of urgency to take advantage of opportunities. Then be ready to do it again. Quickly –and calmly -respond and adapt to the unexpected. Modify and streamline processes, find more efficient ways of doing your job. Work efficiently across markets, time zones, and functions.
  • Intentionality – Intentionality requires action –it makes your intentions happen. Good thoughts are meaningless without action. It is initiative directed by the purpose to move our business forward. Intentionality is doing things important to you, even when not easy. Transformational change happens with intentionally.
  • Alignment – Together, we must understand and believe in our vision, mission, business and team goals and priorities. When we make a decision, even when we don’t have consensus we all align behind that decision and execute. We don’t revisit decisions unless we have material new data or circumstances.
  • Accountability – Make the best proactive and reactive decisions given the available information and the wisest counsel. • Own your decisions, actions and outcomes, and promptly correct mistakes. • Be reliable, honor commitments and do not finger point, off-load responsibilities, or criticize co-workers. Look after co-workers and team’s success.


Leader Asistente de Cultivo


Esta posición opera bajo la dirección del Gerente de Cultivo y es responsable de ayudar con

todos los aspectos de la operación de cultivo de la empresa, incluyendo trabajo general, la

vegetación, la floración y puede ayudar a monitorear y documentar el crecimiento de plantas.


Funciones Diarias

  • Monitorear y mantener el programa (IPM) de clima óptimo, fertilidad y manejo integrado de plagas; además de supervisar el trabajo y los materiales necesarios para la producción.
  • Administrar eficazmente el inventario de semillas, siembra de semillas; propagar las plántulas en las madres; y mantener las plantas maternas a través del riego, la fertilización, la poda de hojas y el IPM.
  • Ser responsable de la rotación de plantas incluyendo todos los aspectos de la siembra, propagación, destrucción de las plantas y preparación de las plantas para el compartimiento del vegetativo.
  • Colaborar con actividades de inventario.
  • Coordinar los recortes de Plantas Madres y colocarlos en macetas dentro de la Sala de Madres.
  • Administrar eficazmente el trabajo de cultivo: riego, fertilización, poda y programa IPM.
  • Ser responsable de la producción y entrega de esquejes vegetativos.

Tareas Generales

  • Inspecciones de crecimiento.
  • Saneamiento, recorte, poda, cosecha, recepción, envío de almacén, ayudante de cocina de extracción.
  • Responsabilidades diarias de trabajo rutinario para garantizar la producción, saneamiento, control de inventarios y mano de obra general según sea necesario.
  • Mantener un ambiente impecable en todo momento.


  • Poder de levantar 50 libras.
  • Resistencia.
  • Coordinación entre manos y ojos.
  • Disposición para trabajar horas adicionales y días festivos según sea necesario.
  • Capacidad de seguir instrucciones sin supervisión.
  • Habilidad de concentrarse en cada tarea.
  • Es fundamental tener capacidad para comprender y comunicar información.
  • Capacidad para trabajar en equipo.
  • Capacidad para realizar tareas repetitivas durante largos períodos de tiempo (por ejemplo: recorte de plantas, moldeo y actividades regulares de inventario según sea necesario).
  • Conocimiento de plantas es útil pero no necesario.
  • Diploma de escuela secundaria / GED.
  • Tener 21 años

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