Curaleaf in Bonita SpringsCuraleaf Dispensary and Delivery in Bonita Springs, FL

Dispensary – NOW OPEN

Bonita Springs – A Curaleaf dispensary in Bonita Springs is now open at 11721 Bonita Beach Road to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of all-natural medical marijuana products. Servicing Naples, Marco Island, Estero, and Collier County in general, these cannabis products include low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

Curaleaf dispensaries have a full range of all-natural medical cannabis products, both THC & CBD. The list of products are sold in a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals. Find deals, discounts, directions, all open store locations, dispensary menu products and reviews on the Curaleaf homepage here on Florida Dispensaries.

Don’t have a med card yet? Get a medical marijuana card from a participating doctor near you.

Curaleaf Dispensary and Delivery in Bonita Springs, FL

Curaleaf Products Menu

Curaleaf Products Menu in Bonita Springs FL

11721 Bonita Beach Road
Bonita Springs, FL 34135


Mon – Fri 10-7 — Sat 10-5 — Sun 12-5

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Website: Curaleaf

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Bonita Springs – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Naples, Marco Island, Estero, and throughout Collier County. Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

L. Greco
L. Greco
15:33 19 Jan 19
The staff is very knowledgeable about there products. If you have any concerns or questions they are always there for you!read more
Tom Eggert
Tom Eggert
22:42 02 Feb 19
Beware: They advertise 3.5 grams of flower in their flower cups, but they don’t give you that much. My last purchase weighed only 2.7 grams, almost a gram short. They’re more underhanded than your old more
Patty PurpleDrank
Patty PurpleDrank
13:59 06 Feb 19
Some of the staff are knowledgeable. But the lack of availability of products and selection really hurt the experience.
Kyle Weimar
Kyle Weimar
21:50 06 Feb 19
This building in a renovated Bank is very clean on the inside and very Tastefully decorated. It is a no-nonsense organization with a straightforward hard-working manager and intelligent friendly staff. Have never been to a business like this before but I'm guessing that they are doing it more
19:09 06 Feb 19
Great experience! Staff is so helpful and pleasant. So glad they are in Bonita Springs!
Amanda Dumas
Amanda Dumas
21:19 06 Feb 19
Quick and easy. Not as many products as Trulieve, but the staff is great. Krizia was very knowledgeable and helpful!
Terri Stewart
Terri Stewart
21:11 08 Feb 19
Clean, convenient location. Representative was nice, but admitted they weren't fully educated/trained yet, so couldn't render much information on the difference between/among the various strains of products. Disappointing after having only positive experiences at Trulieve stores all over Florida. Also, they had NO/ZERO oral (capsules, oil tinctures) THC products in stock in a Friday. They only had CBD. Variety in product supply and individual rep's product knowledge seem to be a challenge for more
William Jay
William Jay
20:47 13 Feb 19
Great staff. Very pleased with the results.
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