Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Daytona Beach, FL

910 West International Speedway
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday:
9am – 8:30pm
Sunday 10am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available


Dispensary – open

Daytona Beach – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 2910 West International Speedway, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Holly Hill, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, and Volusia County in general. 

Curaleaf dispensary menu products, available by delivery in Daytona, includes a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified from a participating doctor near you.


Daytona – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, and throughout Volusia County. 

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Statewide Delivery – $15 Delivery Fee On Orders Under $125

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What People Are Saying

Stacy Pruett
Stacy P.
06:14 09 Jan 22
It was very easy to get in and out!! Thanks for your help Bryce!I am trying the new watermelon THC chews.. the layer cake flower is on point!.. I will be going back!!read more
Raelyn Snell
Raelyn S.
20:17 03 Jan 22
The staff are always so happy and helpful. I don’t go to any dispensaries other than curaleaf. Amazing point system, deals and quality of more
Me me
Me M.
22:24 21 Dec 21
I LOVE BLAKE! wonderful young lady! Heart and spirit! Everyone was GREAT
cindy greathouse
cindy G.
16:15 21 Dec 21
Very good store to go to. I didn’t have to wait even a full 5 minutes to be waited on, served, and out the door today. Very happy!!!read more
Barreiro The
Barreiro T.
04:50 12 Dec 21
Always pleased with the product, and it is always ready when ordered! Staffs always helpful and pleasant. Gotta love the purp! 😜read more
Skip Wright
Skip W.
22:52 16 Nov 21
Caitlin was fun energetic.. she knew all the questions I asked… and she had a nice voice and sang for me in the mean time… great experienceread more
Allen d Bolen
Allen d B.
11:34 01 Nov 21
A very clean and nice place and the staff was friendly and very helpful since I have cancer and can’t remembered what the doctor suggested for me, I hope we’ve got this and it helps with the painread more
Amanda Richardson
Amanda R.
16:07 31 Oct 21
I LOVE coming to this place! Best dispensary in Volusia County! I have never been greeted with anything but a smile and welcoming attitude. Everyone is so down-to-earth, patient, and more
Lulani Mulligan
Lulani M.
11:48 22 Oct 21
Jesse was super helpful and made sure I had everything I needed , I recommend this place to anyone who wants good deals and good prices. Totally more
Scott Brandi
Scott B.
00:47 17 Jul 21
First time here and the set up is freaking awesome… And the staff super knowledgeable on everything and their actually there to help you get the best deal for your money…and to what I’m about to experience first hand great products… There was this one nice cute guy said he grew up in Miami then moved to Tallahassee before moving to Daytona… He was the one who helped me and my friend… I liked him… Kinda geeky short hair cut with curly bangs…I’m so sorry I couldn’t remember his name I left too quickly after telling him I was gonna come back just because of him… Anyway great store friendly staff I highly recommend checking this place out… Great deals… Point system and just a pleasant place to visit!!!read more
Shannon Perry
Shannon P.
20:34 16 Jul 21
I like their prices and the flower is good. Definitely my favorite dispensary in the area. Never had to wait longer than 5 minutes. Thank you Henry for the great service. 👍read more
Karma Marie
Karma M.
23:36 28 Jun 21
Curaleaf is an excellent dispensary! The staff is always so upbeat and on point making sure that you get the best deals, and exactly what you’re looking for. Though the wait was long during a sale, Henry turned my mood around in a heartbeat with his positive attitude and excellent customer service. The energy from him alone is enough to call Curaleaf my new go to dispensary ✔10/10~Danielleread more
Kenzie Bartlette
Kenzie B.
20:18 23 Jun 21
This is my favorite dispensary in the Ormond/Daytona area. The staff here is super friendly and their prices are great. They do a point system & they have online orders and they always have deals going on. Their staff is part of what makes their dispensary so great, and their team member Henry is amazing! He always goes above and beyond with customer service and his positive energy is contagious! Grateful to have this dispensary close by! 🙂read more
Anjy Lewis
Anjy L.
19:55 23 Jun 21
Want to give a sappy shout out to Henry for being such a wonderful person, he always makes me feel so welcome and he’s helpful with a cheery attitude. The new crew is wonderful and I will update when I catch their names Because they deserve a shout out as well.Curaleaf is a ridiculously wonderful store! Special shout-out to Tyler, for being a huge sweetheart. Kelly for being informative and super friendly and Chelsea G for helping me find my words amidst the fibro fog. Thank you guys for making me feel welcome in receiving my medicine that is normally taboo. I appreciate you all so very more
Samantha Walker
Samantha W.
20:34 21 Jun 21
They’ve hired a lot of new people and they all seem to be pretty helpful. Henry is awesome and always gives great suggestions. It’s nice to finally walk into a dispensary without feeling super anxious 🙂read more
Grant Hudson
Grant H.
19:38 16 Jun 21
First time here and my man Jesse didn’t disappoint with the customer service. He made sure I got hooked up with the best deals possible and helped me out a lot. Definitely will be returning more
Caity Haray
Caity H.
22:45 15 Jun 21
I’ve been going to curaleaf for several months now and I always love the staff and how informative they are about the products they sell which is very very important to me, also personality goes a long way. During my most recent visit I had the pleasure of Curaleaf associate Alfredo assisting me with my order and I couldn’t be more happy with the way he can translate the info about medical cannabis as well as the medical aspect such as renewing license and prescription doctors, etc. that I also had questions about. Thank you so much Alfredo and the rest of the Daytona Curaleaf location for always being amazing!read more
Heather Laing
Heather L.
15:45 15 Jun 21
Curaleaf is my absolute fav… Henry takes excellent care of me every time I go in without a doubt.. but today was even better I had Beris and Henry helping me and they both went above and beyond to make sure everything was right.. awesome team!! Thanks guys..❤️read more
Christa Stephan
Christa S.
12:24 26 May 21
I highly recommend this medical marijuana dispensary. Very clean friendly staff. Kim assisted me during checkout and did an amazing job explaining each product. I will definitely be visiting this establishment more
Christine Mcgrath
Christine M.
17:24 25 May 21
I had a GREAT experience at Curaleaf Daytona today! Henry helped me with my order. He is professional, friendly and, extremely knowledgeable sbout ALL the Curaleaf products. I look forward to seeing him whenever I shop here!!!read more
Tami Linn
Tami L.
17:06 24 May 21
These people are awesome you talked to them and they hook you up with what it is that you need prescribed very knowledgeable very helpful very friendly I’d like this place I will be coming back and letting my friends know about you guys thank you for all you did for me and my friend as the first timer I am very pleased with youread more
Lisa B
Lisa B
20:25 12 May 21
I happened to get there while all the computers were giving issues, and even with a large line they still allowed everyone to have very interpersonal consults about their products while maintaining a constant move. I love love loveeeeee the product selection and will continue to medicate through more
Daniel Price
Daniel P.
10:32 05 May 21
I hadn’t visited Curaleaf since I went on my first time discount tour. Not sure why, but I never went back. After doing a daily scan for deals in came across happy hour. So, I told Courtney to make me a believer and she accepted the challenge. I told her a few terepenes that work for me and she began her search. She even found a bigger discount for me. The flower she chose was perfect. Spot on a great experience and I will be backread more
Rebecca Street
Rebecca S.
01:11 05 May 21
My visit went well and got some great advise. Officer Perry was extremely professional and made me feel at ease. Thank you for the escort to my carread more
Mary F
Mary F
23:35 30 Apr 21
“Henry is a gem! He explained everything to me and my experience was really informative and friendly! Him alone would make me go back time and time again! Also thanks Eric! Great staff!” -Steph (my mother-in-law’s review! Thank you! Great and helpful place. It got a bad rap when it first opened but they have great staff and wide choice of products!) 😊read more
Sarah Mosa
Sarah M.
22:43 26 Apr 21
My first visit here went really well. They even had an active deal going on. So I got to bundle my discount with it! (:
Nick Thompson
Nick T.
00:23 24 Apr 21
Great staff and tasty products. Very nice experience. Thanks Curaleaf
Donna Beard
Donna B.
17:40 03 Apr 21
Very very good experience the staff was great the only thing they need to have a tip jar because they’re worth it
Jeffrey Albright
Jeffrey A.
16:30 01 Apr 21
Had a terrible experience with Chelsea the manager she was rude to me, argued with me about my previous medication purchases, and was indignant about helping me in the future – I am a disabled citizen and use to love curaleaf before this type abuse…the flower I got there was like regular street grade “weed”.. I feel my mgs were more
Stacy Pruett
Stacy P.
05:17 27 Mar 21
It was very easy to get in and out!! Thanks for your help Bryce!I am trying the new watermelon THC chews.. the layer cake flower is on point!.. I will be going back!!Update!! March 27, 2021I tried to go in a couple weeks ago it was packed.. after waiting a long time ..they didn’t have anything I needed.. not one thing that I could purchase to use for my medication. I don’t know what happened. I won’t be going backread more
Amber Gabel
Amber G.
01:16 09 Mar 21
Always a nice variety of quality flower at a reasonable price. Staff is usually very friendly. Their policy for employees seems a bit strict, like they don’t trust more
Aramis Sauers
Aramis S.
15:13 19 Feb 21
Good product virtually no wait time, very affordable. Always been friendly and helpful, Jordan is a pro!
Dave Grass
Dave G.
22:10 31 Jan 21
Great place to shop. Employees very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. Thanks
Seth Lamson
Seth L.
15:53 03 Jan 21
It always seems like the “deals” are not available for one reason or another even if you read all the little asterisks on the interwebs. That 7 grams of ground is a good deal, never in Daytona. Also now 50% ,literally 50% not the weird valley girl/millennial literally, the time I’ve looked to shop there they have zero flower. Lots of hats and shirts and stuff though so you can definitely represent. The staff is quite friendly so that’s a plus. I just find I have much better luck and experiences at other joints in more
Stacy Pruett
Stacy P.
19:49 31 Dec 20
It was very easy to get in and out!! Thanks for your help Bryce!I am trying the new watermelon THC chews.. the layer cake flower is on point!.. I will be going back!!read more
M Knepp
M K.
13:50 18 Dec 20
Citrus Farmer flower is pretty good! Don’t be fooled by a lower THC of 13%, as it still has good affects! The smell is strong but the taste is nice. Pleasantly surprised by this strain and it’s definitely now one of my favorites!read more
Teal Enbody
Teal E.
16:53 16 Dec 20
They’re very polite and allowed me to go in as a visitor with my son. Great deals and great service. 10/10 will go more
Greg Tredo
Greg T.
20:01 03 Dec 20
I love shopping at Curaleaf, the staff there is amazing and they make you feel welcome in their store! Which is more than I can say for some of the other dispensaries in this town. Curaleaf also offer rewards points which helps with my medication cost as it can get expensive! The products they sell are good, especially for the $$. Thanksread more
Bobbie Heiman
Bobbie H.
22:17 27 Nov 20
I hate leaving a bad review but I went in today for my birthday discount and the 35% off and I was treated less than professional from an employee there Julie. It was all over if the Vape cartridge would fit into my C cell batteries my experience there is usually very very positive everybody is usually overly nice but as soon as she did not know the answer to the question I was asking, she seemed to get Annoyed and there was a confusion on my part listening to the different opinions between employees as to if my battery would match their Vape cartridges I decided I would go somewhere else where there was a positive answer to my question , I mean after all the stuff is not cheap, after I decided to do that Julie decided to not even speak to me and gave no effort to see if she could assist me further I’ve been in sales for over 30 years we all have a bad day but you don’t turn your back on somebody and not answer them as they’re leaving the store just because they decided to not purchase some thing. I do want to say thank you to Tyler I think he’s in management when I called back for being professional and assisted me with explaining different products and Explained a bit more about how the cartridges work with the batteries not all of us have the experience that others do and we might need a little more explanation so thank you Tyler and I will be back to purchase something in the future. Julie I know jobs can get aggravating but there are times you have to think that your customers are coming in for service and getting embarrassed by you in front of my adult son who I am trying to show him that dispensaries no joke then I have an employee act in that manner simply because My marijuana use knowledge need a little help and you wouldn’t even speak to me as I was leaving and I even asked if everything was OK. If I had to go off the complete experience I would’ve gave one star but in the end I did learn something from Tyler thank youread more
Ken JondoeYT
Ken J.
21:59 27 Nov 20
Their flower is decent. However I wish they sold 7g of ground flower for $25 like their competition does. Many cant afford 3.5 for $ more
DaKid Smoove
DaKid S.
15:52 20 Nov 20
Friendly staff and close location to me. Medicine quality for price was good as well. Highl recommend
Micki Witcher
Micki W.
12:44 15 Nov 20
Such a great environment and amazing service. Best prices and staff in town.
16:36 02 Nov 20
Today was my first time coming in. Alfredo and the rest of the staff were so welcoming and friendly. He was able to answer all my questions. Great customer service. We will definitely be more
jeff festa
jeff F.
15:58 28 Oct 20
This was my first time at a Curaleaf. I was happy with everything, from the security to the knowledgeable customer service I received. I will visit more
Caleb Moore
Caleb M.
15:15 11 Oct 20
yessss so much better than trulieve!!! best place in town!
Christy McCoy Roden
Christy McCoy R.
20:16 09 Oct 20
Great staff, Amber was excellent ❤️ large selection of product which is always a plus in the cannabis world ✅ I will definitely shop this location again !!Side note: 1/2 off 💰 your total purchase for new first time customers 🥰read more
Bill Loser
Bill L.
18:16 03 Oct 20
Terrible service from start to finish! Stay away!!! Better options in the area.
Mayra Garcia
Mayra G.
17:19 25 Sep 20
Every time I went in, attendant appears to be in everyone else’s business instead of mine. Very rude attitude towards me and short blunt answers. Was told to wait until other client got money out and finished his order to be checked out, when clearly there was more than one person working. I brought up my discount promised for next time and she rudely said I’m suppose to keep up with that because they do not. When it was my turn , she did not even engage and kept looking at people coming in store. After paying fee for atm machine she proceed to tell me I am expired, so therefore they failed to check that before I even ask for what I was buying along with other attendants attitude. I took my business next door 🙂read more
Carrie Marshall
Carrie M.
19:33 24 Sep 20
Very clean store. Employees are friendly and knowledgeable. Great prices and large selections.
Stephanie Higgins
Stephanie H.
23:47 17 Sep 20
The employees are not exactly all about patient satisfaction. They offer deals but can’t hold up their end of it. When they do things like this they don’t even try to make up for itread more
04:55 14 Sep 20
awesome customer service. thank u Brian
Phillip Johnson
Phillip J.
19:41 09 Sep 20
Clean dispensary
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew M.
23:12 06 Sep 20
Walked up to the door at 6:55 thinking they close @ 7, door says closed @ 6, start walking back to my car and googling curaleaf… online says 7 and I run back tot he door @ 6:57. Doors are locked, call in and get associate by 6:58-6:59 … still NOT 7 o clock yet. Says sorry they locked them at 7 exactly… look at the phone I’m talking to him with that says more
Ann Yurko
Ann Y.
18:23 19 Aug 20
10 great. All people r good. Enjoy going there.
Colleen Murray
Colleen M.
13:05 06 Aug 20
Love the staff and products at Curaleaf. So helpful and kind, they will help you feel like one of the curafam! Highly recommended!read more
Carlos Arce
Carlos A.
20:05 22 Jul 20
So friendly and helpful! Great prices too! Will go there again!
Paul Beagan
Paul B.
21:48 20 Jul 20
The people are helpful and friendly. Prices are reasonable
22:01 18 Jul 20
awesome customer service. thank you Brian 😀 i can’t wait to try some of my products 🙂
Delia Ross
Delia R.
16:37 15 Jul 20
Great store, friendly service! They offer veteran and SNAP discounts too!! RECOMMEND
J Fr3sh2d3F TazZ Caraballo
J Fr3sh2d3F TazZ C.
13:58 09 Jul 20
Awesome & knowledgeable staff. Even greater deals. Love this place.
Amanda Lewis
Amanda L.
15:49 07 Jul 20
Great selection, was in and out in about 10 minutes on my first visit and received 50% off! I also provided my EBT card and will now get 20% off all future more
Luis Aponte De Jesus
Luis Aponte De J.
00:44 26 Jun 20
Excellent customer service and very clean dispensary and good price products
Jess Buchanan
Jess B.
19:24 11 Jun 20
They shouldn’t even be in business. The way I was spoken to and treated was absolutely unacceptable. Customer service is very important they lack it, they can’t even find the decency to respond if you email them about mistreatment. Head over to MUV, great prices, great selection and customer service!read more
David Tyner
David T.
19:45 23 May 20
Great dispensary with a great staff.Complete failure on the packing of flower. I nearly broke my wrist trying to open my medication. The manager said it was a manufacturing issue. However. These products have batch numbers and curaleaf choose to let these go out and nit address it. I was told the issue should be resolved but the bad taste is still in mouth from the experience. Just for reference. The top of the container has an upper top that can be removed carefully and then you are able to open it with a hard left turn. However this not the patient experience that I will give my money to ever again. Unless no other option is available. With trulieve opening in daytona beach. That should nit be an issue. Also grow healthy has amazing flower with containers that are not difficult or painful to open. Thanks curaleaf for the effort. Take more
C Turtle
C T.
18:15 03 Apr 20
Great service Kelley was a dream. So helpful clean and courteous. Will visit again.
Louise Wigg
Louise W.
20:28 17 Mar 20
Great place and the staff was amazing. 40 minutes drive for me but I think I will be back.
Louise Wigg
Louise W.
20:28 17 Mar 20
Great place and the staff was amazing. 40 minutes drive for me but I think I will be back.
Steve Boylan
Steve B.
20:21 08 Mar 20
Favorite store in the area,and they usually have everything, all the time. Can you can pre-order online without paying and skip the line when you get there. But even when there is a line it goes fast. They have a Super nice and freindly staff, which makes going there a pleasurable stress free experience. Thank all of you guys, and keep up the great work!read more
Jeremy Siens
Jeremy S.
22:59 07 Mar 20
I could not have asked for a better first visit!!! Both guest and myself were checked in by the receptionist at the front counter and sent back immediately. The man behind the next counter, Greg, was a delight to interact with as well as highly knowledgeable on all of their products. To top it all off? A 25% discount for it being my first time there!!! 👍👍read more
Billy Ferrall
Billy F.
21:29 25 Feb 20
Awesome place with very helpful employees. First time customer in and out in no time with no questions left unanswered. Only thing that sucked was the concrete entrance was quite a bump but I think it’s up to the city to fix thatread more
Debra Dungan
Debra D.
18:59 17 Jan 20
My experience was very pleasant. Kelli helped me with my order on the phone and Amber help me with my pick up.They both for very helpful in the questions and concerns that I more
Justin Ellicott
Justin E.
00:09 16 Dec 19
Amazing staff!!! Especially Kelli and Julian and the manager that used to be a pharmacist cant remember her name but always super cool on point and tying to help you get what you want for the best prices possible!!! Thank you Curaleaf staff!!!!read more
Amanda Gershoff
Amanda G.
10:03 21 Nov 19
I went in as a guest with questions. Everyone there was amazingly helpful, very nice, and most importantly, knowledgeable. They explained the whole process, different varieties of accessories, and had easy to understand literature. I was told that you can even make an appointment to speak with someone if you have a lot of questions. The facility was exceptionally clean and organized, and had a pleasant and calming more
Julie Baker
Julie B.
17:45 21 Oct 19
Today was my first visit to Curaleaf.Julian was wonderful; his knowledge of product and overview is tremendous. He explained everything I had questions on. The store is very nice, clean and well run. Everyone was professional, friendly andhelpful. I look forward to more
Mary Frankland
Mary F.
15:10 08 Oct 19
Curaleaf in Daytona is it good place although they can be out every year medical needs weeks on end very upsetting everyone there though is very friendly knowledgeable and I do like to go there thank you everyone there curaleaf for Daytona for helping meread more
DC Milliere
18:02 08 Jun 19
This is the place to be if you’re a patient!The Staff and Managers are very courteous, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about this path of Medicine!Go see the good ppl at Curaleaf Daytona!And Tell em D.C. Sent yah!read more
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