Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Jacksonville

6361 103rd St
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday:
9am – 8:30pm
Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available


Dispensary – open

Jacksonville – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 6361 103rd St,  Jacksonville, FL 32210, to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Orange Park, Lakeside, Five Points and Duval County in general.

Curaleaf dispensary menu products, available by delivery in Jacksonville, includes a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified from a participating doctor near you.


Jacksonville – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Orange Park, Lakeside, Five Points and throughout Duval County.

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Statewide Delivery – $15 Delivery Fee On Orders Under $125

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What People Are Saying

Brian Wilkinson
Brian W.
11:24 06 Dec 21
Product is good… I highly recommend the Pink Champagne carts as a heavy indica with a great taste
Taylor Center
Taylor C.
15:28 27 Nov 21
This is the third time I have tried to place a order and it has a ridiculous wait time. The last two times my order was completely ignored. This is why I shop else where! It sucks because they have decent prices and more
20:52 24 Oct 21
I get here, they have 10 employees, 2 helping one customer, the rest doing nothing. There was one person in front of me and it took 30 minutes to help one person. But the employees have plenty of time to dance around while customers more
Itza Me
Itza M.
14:51 24 Oct 21
Always clean, efficient, knowledgeable, Caring and ALWAYS STOCKED with the most varieties of THE MOST options for intake I was prescribed at The Releaf Clinic on Atlantic Blvd. Don’t drive. Park-Her and call Parker for Delivery from the Curaleaf on 103rd in Jacksonville, FL. If he’s not available, Jay, Cody….ANY ONE OF THEM SHOULD BE ABLE TO. It’s true..I’ve seen it with both eyes and all four eyes….read more
Nicole McWilliams
Nicole M.
21:27 07 Oct 21
I like this dispensary location because they treat every client there the same it doesn’t matter if you have an order already made or not they call each person up by how they came in and I really appreciate that. Because I can understand even that they have their prescription already put aside for them it’s still it’s based off on how you come in and I appreciate more
Jasmine Watkins
Jasmine W.
06:12 29 Sep 21
Above and Beyond what is advertised. Personally, I experience the same and in comparison to most medical offices more “care for improving my quality of life”Ask for Parker for delivery. How ironic. Don’t you think?read more
Geoff Wiesman
Geoff W.
23:00 13 Sep 21
I placed an online order and got confirmation it was ready for pick. I arrived at the location and there is no greeter and the door is wide open. I sit down in the room and am greeted with the usual do you have a web order. I show them my order and he takes my card hostage. No other information was exchanged. I sat and could visibly see my order for about 15 minutes. After waiting for a web order that was supposed to make things faster I just ask for my id card back. The manager is shocked and doesn’t realize that I’m not buying anything anymore. She says all she has is 2 people but does not step help. This place used to be great. New management has ruined this more
Yejide Adanaya
Yejide A.
18:43 12 Sep 21
In Jacksonville for my brother’s funeral and ran out of meds. Not good for my situation. The young man at the door, the young lady who took my order, and Shelby took great care of me. Thank you I needed something to make sense today. Be safe Everyone ❤read more
Lebal Kcalb
Lebal K.
22:10 15 Aug 21
Great staff. Everyone was friendly and informative. I will definitely go back as it really is a top notch customer experience compared to others I’ve shopped at. more
Jeremy A
Jeremy A
18:54 05 Aug 21
Need to get a better grade of bud. 14/16 percent is all I’ve ever seen from you guys. Take notes from muv they always have more
12:57 14 Jul 21
A great place to get medical Marijuana they are very good here and know alot about the medicine your getting super friendly staff that takes their time with you so you get the best medical cannabis for you.I would highly recommend this place for medical more
Sarah High
Sarah H.
21:48 11 Jul 21
Shelby is awesome! She makes sure that I get the product ordered and all the discounts available to me during my purchase. This is by far my go to more
John Perry
John P.
23:01 20 Jun 21
Great Customer Service! The entire staff was nice and friendly. Shelby deserves a Raise!!🙌🏾 She help me find what I needed even when I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Great Job you guys. Keep it up!read more
02:24 07 Jun 21
The staff at 103rd Jacksonville are very knowledgeable, friendly, honest, and respectful. The prices are best in the industry and not bad products! The growers need to work on a mix up on strains because even the loyal customers are going to get tired of the same strains and low testers,read more
Kasandra Armentrout
Kasandra A.
20:40 11 May 21
First time patients get such a great deal! I couldn’t help but get a stockpile. And they’re not trying to sell you things which is a breath of fresh air. Love it I’ll be back!read more
Ross Long
Ross L.
15:24 22 Apr 21
The staff is always friendly, efficient and proficient. If they’re backed up it’s a different story but they do an awesome job of medical marijuana education and information. #Curaleaf #bestoneread more
Jo Rose
Jo R.
21:51 12 Apr 21
Awesome dispensary!! Will definitely be back. Has Amazing products and staff. Chris was a huge help and has a lot of experience and made the process easier for me!read more
Andrea Fox
Andrea F.
02:10 06 Apr 21
Great experience as a new customer. Chris gave great customer service and was very knowledgeable about the products. Because of his wonderful customer service I will absolutely be back!! I purchased some Purple sunset tonight and also got my appetite back. Thank you!read more
13:33 30 Mar 21
First visit Angel (Angle) helped me find everything I needed at the best price point for me. She was knowledgeable and was able to recommend strains that would help me feel better. It worked she provided me a selection to get through day and nite without more
Gina Petitpas
Gina P.
03:15 27 Mar 21
Very clean dispensary. It’s actually pretty inside and the staff are all very kind and informative. A great dispensary to visit. I don’t know if you can tell ⅙ I am talking about the Curaleaf on San Jose. I have been to the location on 103rd also. It’s small compared to the San Jose. They both have really good products and great service. I love that they know what they are talking about. Absolutely will be a return more
Rabbits Warren
Rabbits W.
21:23 23 Mar 21
They have the best new patient discount on the planet! The staff is awesome, knowledgeable and friendly. Very nice people and great specials!read more
Bill Leban
Bill L.
17:04 13 Mar 21
The staff at Curaleaf are the best in Jacksonville, always kind, polite, and helpful. If you want to be treated with respect and dignity come here. The products are excellent and the deals are great 👍read more
Dionna Grace
Dionna G.
12:37 07 Mar 21
Most of the staff here is awesome. My favorite beach jay and the professor. The product is always pretty good. Not mind blowing but very good. And they do get some good crumble and shatter sometimes. 🙂 they need more strains of both. Either way I love this place and its my main go to, its close to home too. 🙂read more
Tony Mangulabnan
Tony M.
16:27 04 Mar 21
The staff at Curaleaf Doug & Angel were superb with their customer service and knowledge.1st time patient I received a 50% DiscountNo other clinic has offered such a Fantastic $avings.I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to have Great customer services.And I got Free SWAGread more
Nick Pamiza
Nick P.
18:05 24 Feb 21
Great experience. I’m new to the this whole thing so i wasn’t sure what to ask and such. Kaylon really put my mind at ease and explained everything thoroughly, I’m one of those people who repeat questions so it sticks in my mind better, he was happy to oblige so I would understand everything and was confident moving forward. The rest of the staff was helpful as well and friendly. Confident to say ill be making a return trip when its needed.P.S. on the plus side, new customers get 50%off. It was my birthday week and they have that discount as wellread more
Dana Bowen
Dana B.
19:46 23 Feb 21
Parker provided excellent service. Very professional and knows his job. I am 100% happy. Thanks Parker!
Shawna Johnston
Shawna J.
18:40 21 Feb 21
Kaylon was very helpful. Knowledgeable of product available. Pleasant and had great energy. I usually receive my medicine via delivery. JD is a remarkable Associate. Always friendly. A pleasure to interact with. Thank you all. more
Shawna Johnston
Shawna J.
08:37 21 Feb 21
Kaylon was very helpful. Knowable of product available. Pleasant and had great energy. I usually receive my medicine via delivery. JD is a remarkable Associate. Always friendly. A pleasure to interact with. Thank you all. more
Jada Herrer
Jada H.
01:47 14 Feb 21
I postponed another appointment because it said they were open till 830. 819 it was dark but I saw people walking around when I pulled up got my purse it was 822 …hes locking the door ..I asked why some malarkey about the money having to be in the system at 815 ..well then change your hours cause personally that’s not fair to me ..I could’ve saved myself a thirty minute ride ..thanks for nothing more
Jason Sitz
Jason S.
13:58 06 Feb 21
I did feel that I was sold to a little bit and they actually called me on the phone 3 days later sell to me again even though I’m going back there today I didn’t like the fact that they’re calling me on the phone people like that also sell your email address to other companies so they can advertise like that tooread more
17:46 29 Jan 21
Everyone there are the sweetest most patient you’ll ever meet in your born day. They take time out to talk to you as an individual. It’s a picture of Pharmacy the genuineness and sincerity from the heart.. I can go somewhere else but I don’t because they are top notchread more
Jessica Sharp
Jessica S.
15:09 28 Jan 21
Super Friendly and knowledgeable staff. First visit was so easy and they were super helpful. Editing this. I’ve been going here almost a year. The staff is top notch. NEVER have an issue. This is my only dispensary I’ll visit!read more
18:02 24 Jan 21
Awesome customer service loved the 1st time buyer deal. My associate was professional knowledgeable and efficient
Sharrie Thompson
Sharrie T.
08:22 05 Jan 21
I love this place & everyone inside. From the front desk to the delivery man. 5 stars!! The entire vibe there is uplifting!read more
Tim Coker
Tim C.
16:03 08 Dec 20
Curaleaf has all my medical marijuana needs covered. They even call you when an item comes in that was out of stock. They have a wonderful staff and the customer service is out of this world!read more
Laura M
Laura M
05:06 01 Dec 20
By far the best Jacksonville has to offer on medical marijuana products. Usually has most items in stock. Closest location to those stuck in St Johns county. Another visit to this location when in Jacksonville for a doctor’s appointment today and completely satisfied, as always, with Curaleaf and their customer service. Had 2 returns/exchanges of vape cartridges that were contaminated upon purchase a monthly prior (yep, it happens when stored or transported improperly) and the transaction was handled professionally, with little discussion and I received 2 new vapes of different strain. If you ever notice a vape that appears slightly lower in amount it may be due to the oil soaking into the “cotton” that’s inside of all cartridges and, if it has that means it’s been sitting longer than usual or possibly at a warmer temperature, would avoid them. They get a strong chemical taste, almost like Ben gay but not; they burn your lungs badly & immediately makes you cough while all others do not, and can also give bad stomach cramps with diarrhea. This is not a frequent problem however I have had it happen a few times since this medical marijuana program began. Returning this product gone bad was made easier by this exchange gone smoothly. Curaleaf is a class act who will continue receiving my business because of their cleaner tasting products, and superior customer more
Kevin Frey
Kevin F.
05:07 18 Nov 20
Really friendly staff, who are all up to par on products and effects, uses.. place has some great regular items but they bring new stains often.. good shopread more
james Small
james S.
00:01 12 Nov 20
There were very professional and knowledgeable about there product. Even had something I hadn’t heard about yet. Nano drops.they also had a very nice selection of more
Sandra MacArthur
Sandra M.
22:26 04 Nov 20
I was only helping my niece out because she is in a wheelchair but the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.
17:38 14 Oct 20
As of 10/2020…get the DK PUNCH!!! straight ⛽️This location is staffed with the coolest people and you never feel rushed or unappreciated. In my opinion they sell the best distillate cartridges for the price and their concentrate (shatter,crumble) is incredibly potent and strain more
T Wiki
T W.
20:45 09 Oct 20
I’m new to this medicinal marijuana thing. I tried Curaleaf first and then two other shops. I wanted to take advantage of any first time discounts that were available and to generally scope them all out.I’ve come back to Curaleaf. Seems all the shops don’t really know what or when they will be getting something in and all their websites (even Curaleaf’s) leave something to be desired.I like Curaleaf products. I like the personnel and the shop. I also like not having to go to Orange Park or across town. All the employees were quite friendly. And I’m sure there is no advantage or disadvantage to their pricing. I’m sure I will become a regular more
19:41 09 Oct 20
This location is staffed with the coolest people and you never feel rushed or unappreciated. In my opinion they sell the best distillate cartridges for the price and their concentrate (shatter,crumble) is incredibly potent and strain more
larry shelton
larry S.
22:17 28 Sep 20
Very knowledgeable. Not a lot of choices on the flowers though. Good look on the discount for the birthday
Rene Negron
Rene N.
01:34 27 Sep 20
Another great visit. The staff is always friendly and helpful.
Jordan A Roberts
Jordan A R.
01:55 23 Sep 20
Were super helpful and kind to my old man, patient helped him get what he needed and looked out for him on the money, nowhere does that. They don’t even apply your discounts unless you ask, and there’s all these little stipulations. Great stuff and great staffread more
Keith Taylor
Keith T.
00:15 03 Sep 20
Kaylon got metogether with my first purchase. and the flower is 😤
Angelique Wilson
Angelique W.
12:03 01 Sep 20
Doesn’t have many options. But prices are reasonable
jakki dylan
jakki D.
21:52 31 Aug 20
It was my first time to this dispensary and was excited to try me new purchases. They didnt have a charger cord for the battery for the wax set up they sold me. I was told to come back in a few days. It has been 4 day and I stopped in. I was told they still don’t have the charger cord. I expressed that i was unsatisfied bc I couldn’t use my medication without the charger and was told to go to a smoke shop. Wowread more
Colby Mcspadden
Colby M.
13:26 30 Aug 20
Great place for pre rolls and my favorite the select elite vapes
Dana B e A r
Dana B e A r
18:32 25 Aug 20
Smells great when you walk in. Customer service is friendly. Very clean, associates are very helpful.
Michael Scalio
Michael S.
18:24 14 Aug 20
Great place to get meds🤙🔥
Tammy Daniel
Tammy D.
20:23 03 Aug 20
I love 💘 this place, they have some good stuff. And the people are do sweet and so nice.
Datdude E
Datdude E
18:06 25 Jul 20
Great Customer service! Johnathan at the 103rd st Jax Fl went above and beyond for excellent customer service 👏
Perry Laspina
Perry L.
16:30 14 Jul 20
There’s no doubt in my mind that these guys are very-serious about customer service. Because, let me tell you, these guys “ROCK”!!! I live on Amelia Island, which is almost an hour away, so ordering online and getting “FREE” home delivery was the only way to go. The FREE delivery is due to the pandemic, otherwise it’s a small 15.00 fee. I have done business with them in South Florida numerous times before and they have a great product, a very-fair price, and the employees are “outstanding” in customer service. I’ve never physically been in this location. When I placed the online order yesterday afternoon, afterwards I received a phone call within minutes, confirming my order and informing me on the home-delivery process. At exactly 11:00am the next morning, I received a text-message from them indicating the driver was 45-minutes away, and at 11:48am he promptly arrived at my residence with the same 3 products I had ordered. And they have all kinds of “SPECIALS”, so check these guys out, as they blow every other Florida State dispensary out-of-the-water, because I’ve dealt with them “ALL”…read more
Kory Davis
Kory D.
21:42 07 Jul 20
Got some stuff today first time ever and they are awesome here very informative and extremely chilled.
Justin Gantt
Justin G.
04:12 07 Jul 20
Fantastic never bought nothing but registered talked to them learn some cool things curaleaf saves the earth bros and ladys buy all there products give them a chance with a smile spread the love oh yeah sometimes i walk in here get so emotional i start to cry cant control my emotions just too overwhelmed with love and positive energyread more
Adam Outlaw
Adam O.
02:55 01 Jul 20
Awesome experience ! Working already 🎠 thanks Curaleaf !
Parker Crawford
Parker C.
20:39 25 Jun 20
Awesome people. Great selection. Curaleaf and truleaf are the best in town
Jessica Sharp
Jessica S.
12:59 20 Jun 20
Super Friendly and knowledgeable staff. First visit was so easy and they were super helpful
06:52 31 May 20
Always super friendly, this is my second time going, but first time purchasing. Calling out Seth for being super awesome and helping me save tons of money!read more
Lovely Smidge
Lovely S.
02:54 05 Apr 20
clean and open. great staff and decent product. not always fully stocked but at least one of each. good prices and discounts for low income, more
Lovely Smidge
Lovely S.
02:53 05 Apr 20
clean and open. great staff and decent product. not always fully stocked but at least one of each. good prices and discounts for low income, more
Anitra Guzman
Anitra G.
12:37 03 Apr 20
The staff are a diverse group of knowledgeable sales professionals. They know their products and they treat their customers with care and respect. The only problem is that Curaleaf can’t seem to keep all of the products in stock. Not everyone is able to smoke flower so the other products are important too. I’m still waiting for a call saying they have more Ratio more
Amy Brumfield
Amy B.
11:25 16 Mar 20
The product is good and it’s close to my house. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I don’t like that the seal on the cups are broken. After the first couple of times I bought a scale, so far it’s been good more
Saf Shepper
Saf S.
11:57 13 Mar 20
Safe and professional. High quality products, knowledgeable staff, clean well stocked shop. The people who work there are friendly and helpful. About as good as it more
JR Hopp
13:15 10 Feb 20
I appreciate the minimalistic yet stylish packaging. The products are logically listed and described. The quality of the products is excellent. I find they do exactly as promised. I love the flavors of the extracts. I find these work best for me. I cannot say enough about the excellent staff. They have all been incredibly nice and helpful with all my more
Elizabeth Freeman
Elizabeth F.
04:29 10 Feb 20
I would rate higher of they carried more flower. Products seem decent. Really good price for lower tier ( white box) carts, the higher tier (green box) is definitely better quality. Staff were pretty great. They took time to sort of educate me in order to also help advice me. They were supper accommodating, attentive, and the whole process was very quick amd easy. They take debit, app, and of course cash. If you like carts.. I say this may be where to more
Neale McLean
Neale M.
21:14 04 Nov 19
My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at the knowledgeable staff. Brandon gave us thoughtful answers to many questions. We have visited other dispensaries in Jacksonville. I HIGHLY recommend Curaleaf. You will not be disappointed. No lines, no waiting. At least not when we more
21:29 29 Jun 19
Chad and Jamie are always very knowledgeable and helpful. Great rewards and promotions at this location too. Never had a problem getting my order same day, always have prerolled and flower when I need more
Mea Foodie
Mea F.
15:48 25 Aug 18
First visit in Curaleaf! Nice space, great staff, had what I needed. Prices are comparable to some dispensaries and better than others. Different strains that I have not tried yet. Long way from my house, but free delivery during the week is great. Limited time on that offer. Great discounts and looks like they will be having many more
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