Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Lakeland

3145 US Hwy 98 N
Lakeland, FL 33805

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday 10-7
Sunday 12-5

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Lakeland – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 3145 US Hwy 98 N in zip code 33805 to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Kathleen, Winston, Eaton Park, and Polk County in general. 

Curaleaf dispensary menu products in Lakeland include low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana. The list of products in stock include a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

Don’t have a medcard yet? If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified for your FL med marijuana card from a participating doctor near you.


Lakeland – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Kathleen, Winston, Eaton Park, and throughout Polk County.

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Curaleaf Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. Free Statewide Delivery!

Curaleaf Florida

What People Are Saying

03:10 21 Oct 21
Javier is the BEST employee this place has! He is super friendly, personable and he helped answer all the questions I had. He helped me match the best product combination for my condition. Highly recommended!!!read more
Taylor Aguilera
Taylor A.
22:39 18 Oct 21
I LOVE Curaleaf!! The staff is always very helpful and knowledgeable. Their deals are unmatched!!! I hear so many people complain that MMJ is expensive in FL, not at Curaleaf!! Daily deals and rewards points makes your medicine financially more
Ashley Ray
Ashley R.
12:23 26 Aug 21
Great place, even better staff and prices. Always coming in with sales and discounts. The customer service is BAR NONE! Always polite and super knowledgeable. Thank you Curaleaf!!!read more
Bryan Clark
Bryan C.
13:55 09 Aug 21
Great staff. Great prices. Great service. My go to dispensary. Your missing out if you havent tried them yet. 💯
kara lee
kara L.
19:53 05 Aug 21
I went here for the first time today and had a great experience! Javier was very sweet and helpful while getting me a great deal on my medicine. He actually re-did my whole order after discussing other options for me and what would work best, so I really appreciated the patience as someone with severe social anxiety. I felt really cared for. I find their prices to be more accommodating to my budget as well, so I will definitely be back here~read more
Christopher Marshall
Christopher M.
12:42 29 Jul 21
Fantastic customer service! Great deals and Veteran discounts are always a great thing!. Great team. Javier was polite, knowledgeable, and had a great positive attitude. That is why this is my dispensary of more
Christopher Marshall
Christopher M.
22:39 28 Jul 21
Fantastic customer service! Great deals and Veteran discounts are always a great thing!. Great team. Xavier was polite, knowledgeable, and had a great positive attitude. That is why this is my dispensary of more
Tristan Pangilinan
Tristan P.
22:18 08 Jul 21
Every time I have been to this location, I typically get Javier as my dispensary representative. He is always kind to me and very informative of products. I recently purchased a Select Watermelon cartridge and was excited to try it out. Unfortunately, the cartridge did not work with any 510 thread vaporizer battery I tried, so I called the store. Sam was the one who helped me over the phone. She kindly told me that the cartridge may be dysfunctional and informed me that the cartridge from that specific brand works beat with its own brand of battery. She also told me that I would get a free cartridge replacement and a battery on the house! These people are all Class A and their recovery is fantastic. I haven’t always been into Curaleaf but the way this situation was handled will have me continuing to pick up my medication here regularly. Thank you both, Javier & Sam!read more
Carolyn Spann
Carolyn S.
23:27 07 Jul 21
I honestly haven’t tried any other dispensary because my 1st two visits here were amazing & the staff is super friendly & very knowledgeable of the products. Also they have great deals all the time I honestly don’t think I’ll shop anywhere elseread more
Sonya Gonzalez
Sonya G.
21:53 03 Jul 21
Great product. It would be nice if there was more work and less talk. Also, we order online ahead to not wait.. And still wait as everyone else more
Theresa Irizarry
Theresa I.
10:34 02 Jun 21
I rarely write reviews but for this place I have to. I’ve been to pretty much every dispensary in Lakeland and have yet to come across another place that cares about their patients like Curaleaf.Not only do they have super deals and flash sales almost daily their customer service is outstanding. You might have a little wait when you arrive but that’s because when you get to the back there’s no rush it’s all about the patient. Ask any question and the staff will gladly answer they’re all extremely knowledgeable and happy to help. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been there or your a regular they treat everyone the same and you always leave happy. No reason to ever go anywhere more
Derek Forreal
Derek F.
19:14 28 May 21
Great staff, very knowledgeable and friendly. Gentleman that helped us today even held the door for myself and my wife, class act. The store is a lot calmer than a lot of the other stores, which is nice how the receptionist separates things and allows a certain number at a time it definitely helps tone down the anxiety, as you know some of the other places can be zoos lol Product review so far the layer cake pre roll is really nice. Good body high and just a bit of head high. Your staff has definitely earned my business back to day. See you again soonread more
18:36 28 May 21
Always a great experience. Staff is super friendly and always ready to solve a problem or help you save the most money. The select elite live carts are keeping me coming back as well!read more
Michelle Rosado
Michelle R.
15:11 18 Apr 21
A good product at a decent price and you got me, it’s that easy. However, if you have a good product, at a good price, and have amazing staff. Why would I bother going anywhere else. All the staff I have encountered have been amazing but this shout out is for ARIANNA. She was not only amazing and great to talk too, she went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. Keep it up you guys. It’s that friendly environment and ease to please, that will make me happy to spend my money more
Kaya King
Kaya K.
22:40 10 Apr 21
10/10 Not only do they have the LARGEST selection I’ve ever seen at once, they have the FRIENDLIEST staff ever, Austin was amazing and literally knew every percentage and flower off the top of his head I was amazed I’ve never had such a knowledgeable associate before, he was seriously phenomenal. Flower is great, parking was great, i had no wait. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this place, my new favorite location and definitely put Curaleaf at the top of my more
Brandon Green
Brandon G.
19:18 25 Mar 21
Amazing experience!!! Everyone was so super friendly and helpful. Nathan helped me with my first order and he could not have been nicer!! He took the time to educate me and never made me feel awkward at all. In fact I felt like I had been coming here for years. Highly recommend this place!! Will review again after I’ve tried the products!!read more
Jason A
Jason A
23:13 15 Mar 21
My first dispensary experience was not with Curaleaf. I went to all of the other places in town and ended up trying Curaleaf after them. I am big on customer service and personal recommendations. Once I give my bud tender the info on what I like, I appreciate if they try to find something for me. Or if they give other options, something other than trying to get me out of the door. I mean come on – with what we’re buying here, we are interested, right?Okay look – the waiting room was warm. The afternoon sun was shining right in and it was toasty. That’s the first and last negative thing I’ll say about the place.Pasquale was my bud tender and asked me questions, explained to me how they do things, gave some suggestions, asked if I had any questions, etc. He spoke to me more in the first few minutes than most of the other dispensaries did the entire time I was there. My favorite bud tender by far, and I will go back to Curaleaf and spend more there now because of him – and also Cody who helped check out my order. I appreciate you guys and will be back soon. Thank you for providing the best customer service I have yet received in the Florida more
Lord 7th
Lord 7.
21:06 03 Mar 21
First time ever buying from a dispensary, all I have to say is great first impression. My budtender was Cody, genuinely one the most chill and cool dudes I’ve ever met. Definitely worth the trip from more
Monica Rodriguez
Monica R.
18:17 01 Mar 21
I have to admit the customer service is outstanding . I was tended to by Javier and not only did he have the patience to listen to my entire story ; when asked he proceeded to make different recommendations based on my medical health explaining in depth the strains and how they all work best. I was taken aback to say the least. I highly recommend Javier and the other staff members they are amazing. This is my new store! Thanks guys!read more
Houdini Hops
Houdini H.
17:43 13 Feb 21
The budtenders here are really really nice and well educated. New user or new to this location, the people are great. The only reason its a 4/5 and not 5/5 is just because they rarely have flower available in anything besides the 1/8 container which isn’t always the best more
Brittany Roberts
Brittany R.
22:42 23 Jan 21
I absolutely love this place! I had such a wonderful experience especially since it was my first time ever!! everybody was so wonderful and nice I could easily feel right at home. 💚read more
Kris Archambault
Kris A.
00:07 22 Jan 21
Friendly staff. Very good quality flower and reasonably priced. Very clean and organized store front. Highly recommend
Courtney Sheree
Courtney S.
13:26 10 Jan 21
Update. I have now been going to this location for 6 months. The staff is phenomenal. The owner should take note that 99.9 % of all of the reviews for the last year say something about the staff, rather then the business and that is outstanding for a business owner!! Way to go! People are coming back because of the staff! I pass TWO dispensaries to come here. Tara, Javier, Tigue and Nate. ALL STAR TEAM.. extremely nice. Not only to me but EVERYONE that walks through that door. My one advice would be for Peyton.. take it down a notch. Yes very knowledgeable but made the experience a little uncomfortable. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety the interrogation questions were a little much and made me feel quite more
Kaitlin Lowe
Kaitlin L.
21:48 30 Dec 20
I came in a few weeks ago and it was the best experience ever! Tera took care of me and made the entire environment feel so comforting. Such a wonderful staff! I hope to one day become apart of this team as well once April comes around!read more
Boogie Hartley
Boogie H.
13:25 12 Dec 20
I’ve been to a few dispensaries here in Lakeland and they all are very clean and the staff are friendly and helpful but this place is the real deal. The staff is the most efficient and knowledgeable and more
Sean Clark
Sean C.
20:57 25 Nov 20
First time shopper at this location. The entire staff was great. I was assisted by Tera and she made me feel at home and took the time to really explain the product lines. Looks like I found my home dispensary. Great Placeread more
Amanda Jalbert
Amanda J.
00:26 15 Nov 20
First let me just say that the entire staff that was there was so amazing. I walked in, This was my first time here, the gentleman in front was so nice to me, he made me my profile. Then I was called up and helped by Javier. He was so knowledgeable about the products and attentive to my needs! I got so excited about the things I bought I had to share this experience! Go to this location! Everyone is so nice and team players! Very patient and will do what they can to get you what u need if they don’t have it. I love that they give discounts. They definitely won me over! I will be back soon!!Amandaread more
Traci Meisel
Traci M.
02:48 09 Nov 20
Absolutely love the staff and Products I have ordered citrus farmer flower many times…. Well today I got some and it tastes like straight chemicals completely unsmokebale and leaves a horrible taste in my mouth after even 1 hit and didn’t make me feel very good after … They will not refund the money or take the product back….. This has never happened with this strain before…. it smells weird too the other 2 Strains I ordered are just fine….. i will still be back but will never order this strain again and it was one of my favoritesread more
Kim G
Kim G
21:19 07 Nov 20
I’ve been going to Curaleaf for over a year now. I can’t say enough good things about the staff. They know me when I walk in and treat me with respect. They all have a great sense of humor and more often then not I’m laughing when I leave. They’re efficient and answer calls. The wait time for a pick up order is usually minimal.The product is great. I usually get cartridges but also prerolls sometimes. I’m happy to recommend Curaleaf Lakeland to anyone looking for a more
william lopez
william L.
19:57 07 Oct 20
Wait time is ridiculously long, every time 30 or 45 min and I have to leave, would like to try your products but I just don’t have that kind of more
Gro mow
Gro M.
14:56 29 Sep 20
I wanted to get four flowers with my 50%discount and guy said I couldn’t do that.. nowhere in there website or store says you can’t do that. Super disappointed every other dispensary no problemread more
Sherry Baker
Sherry B.
18:17 25 Sep 20
Love these guys product outstanding service is the same its my go to and I live 20 miles away always get best deals here!read more
Kelly Rodriguez
Kelly R.
15:46 18 Sep 20
Had such an amazing experience with this shop. No other patients were in there, so I was able to talk to the girls and them explain everything to us. Definitely will be returning to see tera and marji. They were awesome budtenders 🙂read more
Casey Palmer
Casey P.
17:12 10 Sep 20
5 stars for the customer interaction and answering all my questions! Great job MJ for your knowledge about your current products in store and for your more
jamie loveland
jamie L.
03:14 10 Sep 20
I LOVE IT!!!! Its my new favorite place to shop.. It smells amazing when you walk in the door. And all the staff is friendly and excited to share all the knowledge they have about all their products..A special thanks to Javier F thanks for all your help, you were a great teacher, so far im happy with all the products i got today😁Ill be seeing you all again very soon…read more
Nathan Wood
Nathan W.
20:13 07 Sep 20
Kristin F. is always knowledgeable and helpful when I come in. Thank you for your professionalism
Carlos Bohannon
Carlos B.
22:47 06 Sep 20
Javier was very insightful and friendly. Great place overall!!!!
22:07 02 Sep 20
Kris was very helpful guy at front was super cool very chill positive environment! Great place highly recommend especially for a first timer like myself!!read more
Doug Erskine
Doug E.
19:41 30 Aug 20
Sometimes people make the difference!See Tara , she’ll make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, she has a positive attitude and good humor.The Staff is knowledgable and friendlyProducts are Top qualityLove to see more specials and dealsread more
Christen Barnett
Christen B.
01:06 30 Aug 20
Javi and Nate are amazingly awesome!! Super knowledgeable! Legit! Trustworthy! Y’all go show all of them some love!!
Lisa Torres
Lisa T.
17:02 19 Aug 20
I love this place! Javier was AWESOME! Very informative and knowledgeable. I will be back!
Hannah Collier
Hannah C.
16:32 13 Aug 20
One of the BEST dispensaries in Lakeland. Love the staff and I am always able to get what I need. If it is out of stock I have free delivery 3-4 days later. Cannot say enough about how friendly and helpful their staff are read more
Squirrel Girl
Squirrel G.
12:18 07 Aug 20
Great staff! Super friendly atmosphere. Great products on rotation.
Stevie Ross
Stevie R.
22:02 28 Jul 20
Probably my favorite spot so far. Good music, chill vibe, friendly employees. Go see Sam and Javi! ✌🏻
Brandon Berry
Brandon B.
16:27 26 Jul 20
Patient: “Such and such offers me all these discounts and T-shirts and free pens, what can you guys do for me?”Attendent: “There’s a reason they have to offer you all those discounts and free knickknacks to buy there sir…”Me: *giggles*read more
Shawn Voigt
Shawn V.
19:41 20 Jul 20
Marji was the best and most knowledgeable rep I’ve met yet and I’ve had a card for 3 years!!
Gino Reyes
Gino R.
16:55 11 Jul 20
First time at this Curaleaf. Amazing first impression. Tera helped me out and gave me an update on the inventory, as well as some suggestions. Awesome vibe with everyone in there. The place definitely felt welcoming. Definitely stopping by again when I’m in the area. Oh and most importantly, the product. Yeah, it’s amazing too 👍🏼👍🏼read more
Ashley Leggett
Ashley L.
22:33 29 Jun 20
Very helpful with the in and outs of dosing and thankful they had the knowledge of the strains unlike another one on the south sideread more
Courtney Sheree
Courtney S.
21:24 29 Jun 20
I’m 100% a newb to all of this. I went in Curaleaf today and Tigue helped me out. He was very informative and answered all of my newb questions. I van honestly say that this is my #1 place to go in Lakeland. Knowledgeable and they have great discounts and more
Katie Dauwalter
Katie D.
19:32 25 Jun 20
Great, honest staff! Always keeping me informed of deals. A comfortable environment for people with anxiety. However, it can get a little loud at more
Allison Miller
Allison M.
01:48 13 Jun 20
Sam is amazing! She and her coworkers helped me with all my needs and had amazing customer service!
Andres Pedro
Andres P.
12:49 01 Jun 20
Was afraid to try another dispensary because I was afraid of the quality not being good . Dam should’ve listen to my gut. Got the purple sunset shatter and was disappointed by how dark it was. It wasn’t even in shatter form. When you look at the percentages as well it doesn’t add up at all. Thc:78.6 % Cbd:0.4% Cbn:0.0% Thcv:0.0 Cbg 0.5% Total: 92.5%. If my math is correct that’s actually a total of 79.5. So I looked at the other oil labels from another dispensary I have and they all added up to the correct total on the label. So yeah never going back to waste my time with a company that doesn’t check the quality of there products and put random percentages on their labels.I tried adding the photo of the label but it keeps being more
Joselyn Mendoza
Joselyn M.
20:07 20 Apr 20
I absolutely love coming here. Everyone at this store is so happy and willing to attend you. HUGE shoutout to Tara. She was working the curbside pickup like no other. She is the real M.V.P. She is EXTREMELY helpful and kind too. Thanks to the whole Curaleaf family at the Lakeland store. Y’all are the dopest more
12:02 19 Mar 20
This dispensary is pretty decent! I’ve had great customer service every time I’ve been there (about 3 times now), the first consulation they had with me we sat one on one in a room and just talked about my needs. That was pretty genuine, I enjoyed it and the staff was nice. Now for the products, everytime I’ve been there they seem to have limited products, especially flower, but they’ve all worked more than enough, satisfied with each dose of my medication. The staff are people you can chill with but also keep it 100 percent professional and I really love that about Curaleaf. Professionalism . I’d give 5 stars if they had flower available more readily!read more
Sophia Flores
Sophia F.
14:57 08 Mar 20
The best dispensary around. Their product is always amazing. Friendly and polite staff too and they always answer questions. Their vapes do not spill out either and with their points it’s worth every more
Crav3d Stud
Crav3d S.
02:03 28 Feb 20
Went in today and the staff was very welcoming. Helped by Tigue, he was quick and helpful, had me cashed out in no time. Great customer service and I will be more
EDIT: 2/27/2020 Ty here at the Lakeland location helped me out on the phone for quite some time and treated me with such respect and was in no way rushing me to get me off the phone. I was looking for a product that hasn’t been around For a while and he took the time to put me on a list. So next time it comes around it should let me know (fingers crossed)! Thanks so much Ty. You were awesome brother. People like you make people like me (and others) come back. -Matt S.Greatly appreciate my experience today at curaleaf. Was the first day for some new stuff and Tigue B. Really took care of me here. More than most care to do. Thanks again brother and so far everything has been great! Will update later. Thanks again to all of y’all there. Good family. -Matt more
R Edwards
R E.
16:54 17 Feb 20
Very pleased with service and products.
Randy Edwards
Randy E.
16:54 17 Feb 20
Very pleased with service and products.
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos F.
17:14 06 Jan 20
I’m normally a visitor of the south Orlando location, but stopped by here since I happened to be passing by. Unsurprisingly, I had amazing customer service from the staff here and was in and out within five minutes. Everybody was extremely helpful, and certainly held up that wonderful Curaleaf customer service and quality of products I can expect from this company.10/10 I love Curaleafread more
larry riddle
larry R.
19:37 30 Aug 19
Great service! Personal touch.
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