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A Curaleaf dispensary in Ocala located at 1839 SW College Rd is now open to help Florida cannabis patients get relief through a range of all-natural medical marijuana products. Servicing Ocala, Dunnellon, Belleview, Summerfield, and Marion County in general, Curaleaf cannabis products include low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Ocala Curaleaf products menu has a variety of vape cartridges, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals. You can find deals, discounts, directions, all open store locations, Curaleaf dispensary menu products and reviews on their homepage here on Florida Dispensaries.

Don’t have a med card yet? Get a medical marijuana card from a participating doctor near you.

Curaleaf Dispensary and Delivery in Ocala, FL Products Menu

Curaleaf Products Menu

Address: 1839 SW College Rd,

Ocala, FL 34471

Phone: 877.303.0741

Store Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm

Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

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Website: Curaleaf

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Ocala – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Ocala, Dunnellon, Belleview, Summerfield, and throughout Marion County. Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

David H
David H
20:27 16 Dec 18
No way of getting ahold of anyone on the phone. Tried multiple times. Only two people working behind the counter. Huge place with no product. After spending time for the guy to "build my profile" behind the window before I was allowed in to use the restroom, I was then told they were out of everything. Their excuse was we just opened not long ago. My rebuttal was you should anticipate an opening with extra product. Only 2 things for concentrate in more
Dino Dogma
Dino Dogma
21:48 11 Dec 18
I can only give Curaleaf Ocala, two stars at this point because their products and service are only "pretty good." The staff is nice but completely absent of information. If you've been a patient for a while, it's not even considered bragging to say, I knew way more than my rep today. And honestly, all this obvious evasiveness with regard to providing ingredients, and test results is HIGHLY suspect. On a recent IM, when I asked about test results for SPECIFIC strains, I got, "we don't carry that anymore." Then I was promised they would be emails... they were not. At the store, the rep could not tell me anything except she did point to the box and say, "the ingredients are here." Those ingredients are the same for every product. Cannabis Oil, MCT Oil. I still have NEVER been able to get any test results. One rep told me it was cut with coconut oil. Give us your damn test results already! What are you hiding? This alone, is reason for me to not go back. I tried the SD Sativa and 1-1 400/300m vape cartridges. If you can get past the taste, which is like strong, moldy wood, with hints of dirty sock, dog breath and arm pit, the effects pretty darn good. Solid, strong medicinal feel, not much throat burn. A good example of what a CO2 full plant oil should feel like. But GAWD....nasty, nasty, mold taste. And not good mold like cheese, more like "I forgot a wet towel on the porch in the rain for two weeks" mold. Almost not worth what ends up being one of my favorite end more
Deborah Lindmar
Deborah Lindmar
00:32 20 Dec 18
It's a huge store with no product yet , but when they do if the rest of the products are as good as their hybrid distillate concentrate I just tried. I'm relaxed ,happy and out pain. More relaxed then sleepy.Thumbs up for the hybrid I will be going back for more
jj ww
jj ww
21:58 21 Dec 18
the people are nice, the products lack potency and have had a plastic odor which actually made everything worse. ive used them several times and only been happy once. fool me once, shame on more
Deanna Graham
Deanna Graham
18:02 24 Dec 18
Reed here. Curaleaf offers a disposable slim vape pen loaded with 150mg product for less than half Trulieve's 250mg cartridge (sans battery). Their best value appears to be in vape products in $/mg. I was skeptical of their strains, since they don't seem to celebrate the classics with well-known terpene profiles like Trulieve does. They appear to use lesser-known strains of famous lineages. Curaleaf product seems to be potent and consistently good quality. I am not complaining, just making an observation.I plan to use Curaleaf AND Trulieve more
Daniel Yingling
Daniel Yingling
01:06 27 Dec 18
Good selection of products but low on actual flowers. They seem to have to only 2 types at a time and can't order anything specific like a Kush indica, etc. What they get is what they have. You can call ahead if you want to know the type available but the Vape pens are the way to go.I hate the paranoid feeling so I have settled on a 3:2 225mg CBD : 150 THC from an Indica hybrid. Extremely relaxing and soothing. Like a warm snuggly blanket while relieving stress and pain with a more
David Pinto
David Pinto
21:10 19 Jan 19
No return policy Here!!! Not good,and their products taste like rubber.. Shop at Trulieve for better products and a awesome return more
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