Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tallahassee

1345 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday:
9am – 8:30pm
Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available


Dispensary – open

Tallahassee – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 1345 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee 32303, to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Perkins, Woodville, Midway, and Leon County in general. 

Curaleaf dispensary menu products, available by delivery in Tallahassee, includes a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified from a participating doctor near you.


Tallahassee – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Perkins, Woodville, Midway and throughout Leon County..

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Statewide Delivery – $15 Delivery Fee On Orders Under $125

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What People Are Saying

Neo Hood
Neo H.
14:59 24 Dec 21
Manager, Darrel and the short lady were disrespectful and unprofessional. I was informed on 12/23 that my scrip isn’t active till 12/24 that I need to come back on 12/24 and I can pick up my order however, when I returned on 12/24 around 9:15 am I was informed that my order dropped off the system. No apology by the manager or the female staff. I have been a faithful customer and spent over several thousand (you can verify it in your system) dollars since we relocated to Tallahassee. I am also in a wheelchair and have been in chronic pain for years. Incompetent individuals should NOT be working as managers or especially in customer service!This Curaleaf location provides pure ghetto services.Go to Trulieve which is more
Lady Joseph
Lady J.
08:41 14 Dec 21
They always have deals/ discounts going on. You can accumulate points to use towards your balance (save you money). They people are always smiling and friendly. The vibes are very welcoming. Great customer service, you will be in and out in a reasonable time.This is definitely my go to more
19:06 06 Dec 21
KJ was amazing, very helpful and the flower was great. Been going to GrowHealthy on the regular but this dude has made me a new loyal patient. Cheers from the more
Benjamin Feldman
Benjamin F.
16:31 14 Oct 21
Many good daily deals. Staff is always super friendly. The entrance to the parking lot is a nightmare. Wish they had a larger selection of flower / lux extracts (diamonds/sauce) more
Sandra Stephens
Sandra S.
00:31 08 Oct 21
For some reason,I ordered a product from ya’ll,but got something different in my someone decided they would give me something else in its place,without telling me,I happen to notice it before,I left the store.,not cool.I think u should tell your customers if u going to do that.,up front,before u take it upon more
Charlotte Sometimes
Charlotte S.
15:12 15 Sep 21
I love the employees at THIS dispensary. Jamarby (forgive me if I misspelled your name) is a fantastic, caring and extremely knowledgeable associate.Bonus: the products and prices here are OUTSTANDING!Pro Tip: shop on Wednesday for maximum more
BrendaLee Lennick Smith
BrendaLee Lennick S.
21:21 13 Sep 21
Not the easiest place to get to but VERY easy to order online with curbside pickup on top of it. So far best prices I’ve seen in town. A VERY good first experience. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is bc there is always room for more
22:41 09 Sep 21
Kacy has great customer service! He told me about the deals he was knowledgeable on the product and my transaction was quick and fast! Curaleaf is a great dispensary with low prices and quality more
Olivia Ash
Olivia A.
19:24 30 Aug 21
They have the BEST sales and quality product. I’ve been to every dispensary in town and I have a couple of favorites, including Curaleaf. I go to Curaleaf 9/10 though because they have consistently good prices. Extremely helpful staff!read more
Sandra Giles
Sandra G.
23:17 23 Jul 21
I’ve been here twice now and these guys are awesome. They have amazing customer service, they always tell you about the sales, and they really do go above and beyond to help you. Definitely have earned my business! Thank you Bari, Will and Mo!!!read more
Keith Maxwell
Keith M.
03:12 21 Jun 21
My second time in a row my med-tender Mo steered me in the right direction! Thanks again. Cool staff. Good sales. Location is in “Midtown” so it’s convenient and also has a tricky parking, but there are plenty of nearby more
Chelsea Pitchford
Chelsea P.
01:36 18 Jun 21
All staff members here are warm and welcoming and strive to make good connections with their customers. Each time I have been here I have left with big savings and great product. Nothing is too big for these guys, I can 100% say that they go above and beyond for their customers, and for that they will be my go to dispensary. They specialize in flower and carts mostly, but they do have a few options for edibles. Also big thanks to Kacy, for everything you’ve helped me with since I’ve become a patient, you’re the man! 👊🏼read more
Shara Lynne King
Shara Lynne K.
05:04 02 Jun 21
I like the fact that they are open later than the other dispensaries. The prices are good too. They aren’t expensive at all and they always have a variety to choose from. I have never even been in the place but I love it and their productsread more
Christopher Hall
Christopher H.
23:49 28 May 21
This is usually one of my favorite dispensaries to visit and I was recently disappointed when I went to go grab my pickup order. Me and several other customers ended up leaving after about 20 minutes of waiting in the waiting room because it seemed like there wasn’t any progress being made or orders being taken, just a lot of talking and laughing. That’s the first time I’ve ever walked out on a pickup order. I understand the importance of good conversation but when there’s a waiting room full of people, that might be the wrong more
02:02 22 May 21
The best dispensary. I don’t do well socially but so far every visit I’ve felt comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. The atmosphere is always calm sprinkled with laughter. The staff is absolutely more
11:28 12 May 21
100% amazing. Professional store, knowledgeable employees who are polite and ready to answer any question you have, and the flower is incredible!! I had a lot of questions and Casey was quick to answer each one. Casey helped me understand what I was buying and made an effort to make sure I got what I wanted for the best price. What a calm and wonderful experience! Definitely going back and will be recommending these guys n gals to everyone.The flower itself was above and beyond what I was expecting. I got Black Widow and only took two hits and could feel the effects in my body. Very strong, but I love this because it usually takes me a while to feel the effects. Brought much needed relief to my body, especially when used in conjunction with yoga. 11/10!read more
Monica Mathis
Monica M.
17:35 01 May 21
Very professional and welcoming. I’m new to the world of medicinal marijuana and Casey was particularly helpful. Wide variety of product and I found the prices competitive. Has moved to the top of my more
Cindy Risk
Cindy R.
15:17 30 Apr 21
I’ve been going to Curaleaf since they first opened in Tallahassee about 3 years ago. By far my favorite dispensary. Great products and service. I’ve been to all the dispensaries in Tallahassee over the past 3 1/2 years. And Curaleaf is by far the more
Stephen Webster
Stephen W.
15:07 04 Apr 21
Love this place and Crew and Moe your all very professional and helpful. The very best.
Charles Jenkins
Charles J.
16:48 28 Mar 21
Awesome place very nice staff and I want to thank kyle for helping us he was very nice and knowledgeableTHANKS KYLE
Rina Cumulus
Rina C.
16:24 12 Mar 21
The staff and management feel like friends. They actually care and are very knowledgeable about all of the products they offer. 100% more
Rina Cloud
Rina C.
15:52 12 Mar 21
The staff and management feel like friends. They actually care and are very knowledgeable about all of their products they offer. 100% more
Chelsy Cloud
Chelsy C.
15:36 12 Mar 21
Curaleaf is AMAZING! The staff and management are so helpful, compassionate, and friendly! They’ve got so much to choose from and always have great deals and discounts. I’ve been to most cannabis dispensaries in Tallahassee, and Curaleaf is by far my more
grant bass
grant B.
23:37 01 Mar 21
Best pace in town! Staff is great and quick. Love it.
Danielle Hernandez
Danielle H.
18:05 23 Feb 21
This is my favorite Tallahassee dispensary. I moved here about 6 months ago from California. Obviously Florida is not on California’s level when it comes to med mj but Curaleaf always has a great variety of product in its various forms of consumption, with a nice range of mild to potent selections. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable – shout out to Jabaril, he was super compassionate and helpful (and rocking the coolest glasses and hair). Definitely recommend Curaleaf to patients both new and old, you will not regret more
Heidi Danielle
Heidi D.
17:41 17 Feb 21
Best dispensary ever!!! The whole staff here help so much and are amazing!!! Each and every visit gets better. I feel like they are friends. I’ve sent so many people here and will continue to!!! So appreciate them!!!read more
This dispensary is Beautiful 💚🌿(They have a Live Moss Wall that is Beautiful and good for the Air) and the Staff there have a Wonderful Vibe. Very Homely and Welcoming. I got a Warm feeling there. The ladies were very attentive, and they took pride in their positions I could tell. Mo was who helped me and she was very good at listening but was eager to tell me about the good things going on. So they do tell you specials and help you get the best possible selection. I highly recommend this place because they seem to be very in tune with what this is all about and not just trying to make a quick buck. Good Job Mo and to the other two, I wish I had gotten their names, Thank You!read more
Chris Love
Chris L.
17:59 30 Jan 21
Always have a good chat about products with staff everytime i go in and never have to wait.Product range is great now and they offer good deals regularly.One of the few places in Tallahassee with good shatter!read more
Lucky Skillz
Lucky S.
20:50 24 Jan 21
Great service with a chill vive. Excellent product at a good price. Got deals all the time to save you money along with point you can save or use. Just got back and they gave me a measuring cup. This is not the only time they have gave me free stuff. If you haven’t been here you should try it. It will be your favorite one after. Bet!read more
Zach Roberts
Zach R.
00:03 20 Jan 21
By far my favorite dispensary in town! The store is bright, clean, and organized – it kind of reminds me of an Apple Store. They’re open later than all the others AND they seem to have the best, least-involved rewards system.The whole staff is super friendly, and they always put me at ease about asking questions. Mo has helped me out more than a few times, but I’ve been helped by just about everyone. The manager Montana is also super knowledgable and outgoing!Would definitely recommend this place to anyone with their medical card shopping around in Tallahassee!read more
T Holton
T H.
17:31 04 Jan 21
Will was knowledgeable about the products and very helpful and friendly. I will definitely be back.
Bad Ash
Bad A.
21:32 29 Dec 20
I placed an online order, in case I wasn’t able to make it after work. Jabari, Alex, and Will all insured me that it would be taken care of swift and efficiently. They were men of their word. I also, enjoyed conversing with them as well. All very knowledeable!!!read more
Ty R
Ty R
17:44 18 Dec 20
I love these people, even without their awesome discounts they’re ultra professional, and they’re the best quality for the money in town of you ask me and I’ve been to every dispensary. Mo makes my experience a special one every time. Thanks Mo, and the Curaleaf team! Plz take a look at my app next round of hiring!read more
Smokahontas Styles
Smokahontas S.
04:54 11 Dec 20
William && Montana are the best there is another one I cannot remember his name but I do remember he’s from wpb from like myself but they had the best customer service, knew all about the products && were reliable!! The atmosphere was very calm and relaxing not fast paced with super long more
cassidy gillis
cassidy G.
23:16 24 Oct 20
First time at this location and loved it! Kacy and Will were both a great help with recommendations and any questions I had! Thank you!read more
Josh Moore
Josh M.
11:54 18 Oct 20
Yeah it’s josh yeah I used to work here. Will be back as a patient. I’m only leaving this review because the entire team for this store deserves that and then some. From about three months into the pandemic this store stayed up and provided the best service and products in Tallahassee. even trained the staff for the new Panama City And Pensacola locations. and it continues to be the top of the line when it comes to business atmosphere, customer interaction and product more
ashley hamilton
ashley H.
20:34 16 Oct 20
Love this place! Will and Mo will hook you up and give you the run down of everything they have in stock. Best shop in town hands down 😎read more
Shonda Johnson
Shonda J.
20:08 17 Sep 20
Favorite place
Joey Bazzell
Joey B.
19:29 15 Sep 20
I have never been treated with such disrespect, i ordered 5 of one preroll and 3 of another, their deal was buy 5 get 2 free and buy 3 get one free, when i showed up, i had 8 prerolls, i asked if the set of 5 included the 2 and the 3 included the one free, they said i got the first 5 with 2 free and then charged for the other, everyone had an attitude, no one admitted to being the one i spoke to on the phone and when i asked if it was under new management, they said, uh, everything is different around here, i will use my free points and then i am out of there, so much rudeness!read more
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth H.
15:35 15 Sep 20
We are very loyal Cureleaf customers. The lack of respect and service I received is unacceptable. Horrible customer service since they’ve changed staff. Thinking very hard about never going more
Kimberly Williams
Kimberly W.
19:22 09 Sep 20
I love this place. EVERYONE here is so nice and friendly. Great medical as well.
Deborah Lucas
Deborah L.
19:53 27 Aug 20
The specialist that helped me was very knowledgeable with a great personality! Thanks for being so helpful!! 💜
Brittany Aman
Brittany A.
16:08 22 Aug 20
This has become the only store I visit. Ryan, Alex and Kyle know me- as a patient and what works. And they never forget. They have helped me in ways no other place has. It bothers be a great deal that I can’t tip them for the knowledge. That being said I have eliminated all others just to see them. I know they will not send me with something I can’t handle. They have dedicated many years to getting to know each of us individually. Down to the point when my son is with me another will chat with him so I can make sure I hear what is being explained. When I had tolerance issues they all took time to figure out how to fix it. Helped me look things up with me only having one good hand. And never ONCE have they tried to push me to buy and rush me out like so many others. I will continue to be loyal to these three Guys that I trust more than people I see daily. Thank you for such a wonderful staff. Please- allow us to tip. Even if it’s on the way out and they split it like the others. People tip a bar tender and they just get you sloppy. My bud tender helps me maintain issues and still function. Am I the only one that sees that? Any way best point. I love these men! They keep me coming just as much, if not more than the products! Thank you guys for always watching out for your patients!! If there was more than five stars I definitely would have rated it higher!read more
William Engle
William E.
19:38 17 Aug 20
The whole staff is outstanding. Shout out to Kyle for always being on point. Love us some cureleaf. Product is very good as more
Chris Sloan
Chris S.
21:02 13 Aug 20
Great experience! I’ve been going to the r back home (Panama City) This was by far, the best experience and prices I’ve witnessed! I recommend the drive (wherever you live) to shop and get HOOKED on Curaleaf in Tallahassee!Thank Youread more
Sheri Gallagher
Sheri G.
16:11 09 Aug 20
I placed an order after being told that I couldn’t use my credit card, even though they advertise this, so, placed an order to be delivered on Friday, was told that get half off so I ordered a nice bit, called again on Thursday to make sure that I was waiting for some, and made sure I spoke to same person, Alex, oh yes, everything is fine, someone will call with a total, I waited anxiously to get my order and it was totally wrong, nothing was right, driver said someone would call me and they would be back this way next week! For all of the stoners out there, thrre are people who can’t function without it….so, here I am with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth….will not return, thanks Alex. This is Tallahassee more
Jared Jolly
Jared J.
19:32 01 Aug 20
TIP JAR IS NEEDED, by far some of the best customer service I have gotten in a dispensary. It is unfair that the employees aren’t allowed to take tips. Kyle and Will do their jobs great all day and they answer every question you have, they should be allowed to receive more
Sassafrass Mittleman
Sassafrass M.
14:23 25 Jun 20
The best dispensary in town! Josh and the rest of the team there are very helpful. They take their time, are patient, did curbside/free delivery during Coronavirus and are always a great experience!read more
Barbie Jamison
Barbie J.
00:03 25 Jun 20
Melissa and Josh we very helpful! This is definitely the place to go for your medical marijuana needs. They answered all of our questions and help my husband get the best deal. Check them out!!!read more
Devon Oesterling
Devon O.
17:59 22 Jun 20
FREE DELIVERY! Flower prices excellent. Great carts, especially live resin, although expensive. Good flower too. Staff friendly and professional. Love your central location. Please increase flower selection and inventory, add 1 gram carts, and I’ll never order from TruLieve more
Rachel Boatman
Rachel B.
18:18 28 Apr 20
I ordered some stuff the day before 4/20 and they came to Pensacola on 4/20 🙂 I guess they had forget the swag. They came back today 4/28 and had a bag a swag for me!! I haven’t even ordered anything!! Thank you for making the special trip to me! I really appreciate y’all! Thanks for taking care of your customers:)They were two young African American men! I wish I knew y’alls a name!! Y’all are great! 🙂read more
Robert Galvan
Robert G.
16:24 24 Apr 20
I really really like this dispensary. I live in Crestview they’re very dependable they’re always on time. And their sales persons are always very helpful and educational. I think you guys run la very professional and squared away shop, I’m very happy to trade with you. Thank you very much for your consideration your kindness and ability to be trusted. Have a very nice day and thank you again Tony. I really wanna name names but I’m afraid that I would miss one, and that would be so very wrong because they’re all very very helpful. But I will give kudos to Sarah for putting together a super more
Kayla Units
Kayla U.
20:25 18 Apr 20
My husband ordered two carts from Curaleaf. We had an issue with them not working. We returned to the store. Kyle came out to assist us with the battery. He attempted to do several things and it wasn’t working. He then replaced the battery without any cost to us. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. This is only the second time we’ve visited this location, but it has been very pleasant both times. My husband will definitely Continue to get products from more
Jonathan Doman
Jonathan D.
15:46 03 Apr 20
Great customer service. Didnt nickle and dime me over a promo. Super nice delivery drivers. And even though it is just a regular co2 cart, taste pretty good. Only suggestion is to make more of the live pens, and make them available for delivery or atleast build a store in more
Stacy Kitts
Stacy K.
15:25 14 Mar 20
Awesome staff, easy going, very helpful. .Jimmy (boyfriend) said he will never go anywhere else..Staff goes the extra mile to help any way possible..products limited this time always very more
Alex Alder
Alex A.
18:46 07 Mar 20
I suspect it may be an issue of availability, but there were limited options of flower available, and of those, all were expensive. There weren’t any sativa’s available either beyond pre-rolls. I would consider them again if the prices were lowered, but with plenty of dispensaries around offering better pricing and similar sales, I don’t see myself coming back. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable though, so that’s a definite more
Patricia Grant
Patricia G.
22:48 18 Feb 20
Relaxed and friendly staff. Not overly crowded. Love the product that I got! No pressure.
Emily Huff
Emily H.
13:02 03 Jan 20
Quality products, quality service! Curaleaf really takes time to educate their customers. Derek has taken much time in educating me about cannabis use. Thanks!read more
Sherry Burkhart
Sherry B.
21:18 29 Dec 19
Tiffany has really been helpful,everyone here always takes care of me love this place. This is the only place I visit. Always great discounts. The Managers are always helpfulread more
Glenn Crilly
Glenn C.
17:12 25 Nov 19
I had an excellent first time experience. Kyle was knowledgeable and helpful. All of the staff made me feel welcome. I will definitely be more
Kenneth Paul
Kenneth P.
13:30 14 Nov 19
The staff at Curaleaf Tallahassee has always treated me as though I am the most valued customer. Tiffany has always been great to deal with. Pretty sure they treat all of their customers the more
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