Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Titusville


Dispensary – open

Titusville – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 200 S Washington Avenue, Titusville, FL 32796, to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Mims, Wilson, Port St John, and Brevard County in general. 

Curaleaf dispensary menu products, available by delivery in Titusville, includes a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified from a participating doctor near yo


Titusville – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Mims, Wilson, Port St John throughout and Brevard County.

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Statewide Delivery – $15 Delivery Fee On Orders Under $125

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What People Are Saying

Thomas Ashfield
Thomas A.
05:35 21 Jan 22
Wonderful staff. Very clean and peaceful atmosphere. Extremely helpful in describing new product and sale items.
Ricci Mayo
Ricci M.
18:17 03 Jan 22
I just want to say that Jordan at the Titusville location is amazing she has wonderful costumer service and is a cheerful respectful employee it puts a smile on my face seeing her there every time i walk through the door she makes the experience enjoyable and I will continue to shop there as long as she is there lolread more
Laurian Jennings
Laurian J.
11:22 03 Jan 22
Nicest people ever. Great customer service and deals. Best in town.
Kris Johnson
Kris J.
14:21 23 Nov 21
the staff there is unbelievably awesome! They know you like a good friend….inventory is top rate, prices good….its a keeperread more
robert p.
robert P.
14:38 27 Oct 21
I visited yesterday and was having a really really bad day and the ladies that were working were very patient and helpful. I would like to thank them personally for all their patience and understanding. I was not my usual self and they help me get through the situation very professionally and with compassion! I cannot express the feelings of acceptance and understanding these ladies exhibited. Thanks so much from a sometimes not so patient more
Patti Watkins
Patti W.
18:39 20 Oct 21
I love curaleaf. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. And I love the sales and point system! Wish they were still open on Sunday thoughread more
Erin Leporacci
Erin L.
02:32 08 Oct 21
Always a great experience here the staff are so nice an friendly after the second visit they knew my name an what I usually get an my order is always ready there also always so kind to let me know of new items in the my preferred method. Will always keep coming back just because the staff is so nice!read more
Krista Ellison
Krista E.
17:35 05 Oct 21
I’m only leaving this review so people who are patient and understanding like me don’t lose out on discounted products or promos. I placed an order Friday and never heard back from anyone. I called over the weekend and was told they were busy and had 15+ people waiting in the lobby. Okay, I am understanding and I had some product left I wasn’t too worried. Here it is Tuesday and I call and I’m now basically SOL and the items I ordered are now full price and not half of what they were when I placed the order. I received no text stating my order was ready. I made an order before this and they gave me someone else’s points and I had to call to fix it. While I appreciated the discount there seems to be mistakes happening and maybe it’s only with me. Anyways they are very pleasant just wish I would have gotten the price and products I patiently waited more
C We
C W.
18:05 04 Oct 21
Great products and awesome sales! Avoid saturday and after work rush other than those times they are super fast!
A Cheney
A C.
22:30 01 Oct 21
Products are great and prices but service is slow. Online order said it would take 2.5hrs it took 8 hours. Then one time they just forgot about me in the lobbyread more
Becks Hasbrouck
Becks H.
21:13 28 Sep 21
Great Service and knowledgeable employees. The place is set up like a jewelry store, everything is neat and tidy with plenty of space for social distancing. They have a variety of products to choose more
Kay Chase
Kay C.
18:22 02 Sep 21
Website was user-friendly and easy to navigate. My order was easy to place online and filled relatively quick! Pick up was also quick and easy. Products are phenomenal and sales are dope 👌 My review is mostly for the experience. Yansari greeted me when I entered and made my first purchase smooth easy and impressionable enough I’m writing a review. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable which was helpful to me in explaining some of the things I had purchased. She got me in and out and was so kind through the entire process! She should get a raise or an extra paid holiday. 😅 But alas we settle for the 5 star review 😌 Lol thanks again & I will definitely be placing more orders with Curaleaf in the future. 🤘read more
Zaniya Brown
Zaniya B.
00:40 23 Aug 21
Great experience every time I come here, Yanah and Sarah are very nice and extremely helpful!
Mrs. Carmen
Mrs. C.
22:05 07 Aug 21
The inventory was a little low but the service was very nice. I did enjoy the discounts of course.
Jason Marquis
Jason M.
17:07 13 Jul 21
I was thoroughly pleased with customer experience. My bud tender was amazing unfortunately I forgot her name but she walked me through everything. That means a lot to me because my mind is all over the place so for someone to take the time to walk me through the menu is gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much I’ll be there when I run more
Linda Bottino
Linda B.
20:50 09 Jun 21
Love this dispensary! I went out if my way to shop here because it’s a great place to shop every time.Wonderful deals, friendly knowledgeable staff.It can get a little busy here and there but it’s because it’s popular!read more
Turner Life Around
Turner Life A.
19:34 05 Jun 21
I purchased an ounce of their flour when I got home it was not flower it was ground and anybody that goes to the dispensaries knows that ground is cheaper than flour. I was informed that they have no return policy so basically I got screwed out of what I should have purchased and instead of having some customer service and at least giving me 10% off my next visit or 20% off my next visit they basically are like oh so sorry we know about the problem but we can’t fix it for you you weren’t the only one. I will now choose to drive to Merritt Island to get what I need to get instead of spending my hundreds of dollars a month that I spent at this facility because there are no return policies and no customer service. The day that I purchased I was dealing with a new girl it took her over an hour and I’m not exaggerating to fill my order the manager had to step in and help her because she messed up I didn’t complain I stood there my time is valuable but I didn’t complain I stood there and then when I got home to not have what I paid for was very frustrating and then to go into day and be told that they’re not going to be able to do anything for me they’ve lost the customer and I would like for the management to know that. I feel you should be able to go back in the computer like you are able to see what was purchased know that you had great diamonds Miss packaged and the customers that come in complaining about getting ground grape diamonds instead of flour grape diamonds should be given a discount off their next purchase at least if not given the product that they had purchased originally in more
Scott Renfroe
Scott R.
20:14 08 May 21
I like it here because of the daily deals and loyalty points. I wish the products had a higher THC content as compared to other dispensaries. The staff is always friendly and the place is clean. I have two main dispensaries that I go to, this being one of them and no need to list the other but it’s not in tville 🙂read more
Wil Wiggs
Wil W.
21:53 01 May 21
Just got my card again and had never bought flower officially yet. My Budtender was keen on what every strain offered and they even did the consultation curb side. I ended up even getting one I was not going to get on her recommendation based on anti inflammatory properties and I am glad I listened because it is fantastic for the knees. Great prices good people shall return. ( Only based on flower read more
Kristy Ozburn
Kristy O.
02:30 01 May 21
I was in the Titusville store today and was helped by Courtney, she was every bit of amazing! She knows her stuff I asked alot of questions and she knew exactly what I needed her to. The whole staff was super great they are all very friendly. They make you feel at home and the products are amazing! I would recommend anyone to check it out. Thanks for being awesome!!!! Great place!!!!read more
Kristie Mcgraw
Kristie M.
12:20 29 Apr 21
Friendly informative staff. Always have a sale or promo on something. They Care, ask how a new product worked for you……try to find the best ratio or product for your individual more
Sarah Baker
Sarah B.
23:54 07 Apr 21
First time in was today, I was nervous as I’ve never been to a dispensary but wanting to try something new. Curaleaf is very clean and they play good music as well. I’ve been to the other dispensary trueleaf and they are always to busy to actually talk to me about my needs the girls here take the tome to listen and understand what I was needing for my pain they all have input and help each other out no lies if they haven’t tried something or don’t know. They ask or they look it up too. Very smart ladies! Megan, Kit, Courtney, Kayla and Angelique I got a look at their name tags and wrote it down because these girls don’t work for tips but for customer satisfaction and I am more
Michelle Barker
Michelle B.
01:32 07 Apr 21
Greta staff. I was in today, kayla and Angelique were very helpful. Three new girls in there today said they were going to be delivery team definitely going to use that service Titusville needs something like that to help the people that can’t get out that often like me. Thank you for helping me and having a wonderful teamread more
Lauren Wessel
Lauren W.
22:51 02 Apr 21
Sarah H was wonderful! She really took the time with my friend, who was very new to curaleaf and had a lot of questions. Sarah was knowledgeable, sweet, funny and amazingly helpful!read more
Jenna Melton
Jenna M.
04:10 01 Apr 21
Some of the best budtenders a person could ask for! Super friendly, helpful, and make you feel right at home! 💖
Mike Leugers
Mike L.
23:12 23 Mar 21
Everyone that works there are very knowledgeable and so helpful..will not go anywhere else..go and see for yourself…you won’t regret it 😉read more
Ryan Mclendon
Ryan M.
15:53 09 Mar 21
Wonderful store and wonderful service! Kit is very nice, so are the other employees. Highly recommend.
Trena Ward
Trena W.
13:57 27 Feb 21
Andrew Simpson
Andrew S.
01:29 20 Feb 21
I have always had a great experience. The staff is wonderful,always very friendly. They are very helpful in any questions i ask. The staff works as a team its more
john brady
john B.
00:44 19 Feb 21
My 1st visit and i had a great time.very friendly folks there.ill be back soon.
joe Elsebough
joe E.
20:56 16 Jan 21
Good people with nice selection of products.Great deal for first timers. Very pleased with my visit.
john streber
john S.
16:31 12 Jan 21
Was my first time there. Very clean and pleasant. The staff was great, friendly, and informative. Courtney the receptionist was very nice and informative. Sara and robin were very good at answering all my questions of there product that was available. Also ran through there brochure and discounts available. Also quick service. I will visit soon again. Thank youread more
Trena Ward
Trena W.
13:35 31 Dec 20
Anne Yates
Anne Y.
01:39 22 Dec 20
The staff spends all the time you need I love them all
Jean Deloach
Jean D.
13:36 17 Dec 20
I love their products and the wonderful customer sevice!Thank you Sarah for explaining everything to me.I will see you soon!🙂read more
Christian Anderson
Christian A.
19:53 08 Dec 20
Good. Was very limited choices when I went
Kelly McGraw
Kelly M.
21:10 20 Oct 20
The people that work here are very nice, and very knowledgeable, I appreciate all the help they have given me.
Coin X
Coin X
17:04 09 Oct 20
Did you know that a gram of distillate costs about $10 in California?This place charges $60 a gram, yet they still act like they’re doing you a favor and treat their customers very poorly .read more
Emily Rounkles
Emily R.
21:19 26 Sep 20
They’re always sooo welcoming and helpful. Knowledgeable about all they’re products and helping me pick products for my specific needs. I live closer to the Palm Bay location but this one is by far my favorite because they give the best service and have great energy. They’ve taken the time to know me as a patient and remember me as a regular❤️ And not to mention they have quality products, I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase. I’ve been shopping at this location for over a year now and they just keep progressing. I love the whole Titusville curaleaf team y’all are the bomb diggity!!read more
Tina Taylor
Tina T.
18:28 25 Sep 20
Wish I could see Robins beautiful smile like before when I come in. Always so helpful an friendly. Oh well stop in very fast in an out. Has to be to quickest dispensary around. Love you Curaleafread more
Ned Simpson
Ned S.
15:37 19 Sep 20
Brooke was very professional and nice and I wish she can bring my stuff avery time.
Kathy Talbott
Kathy T.
17:25 12 Sep 20
ExCELLENT,lady behind desk/counter,very,very,helpful…left very muchSATISIFIED…I WILL go back,and I live in volusia co….thank you curaleafread more
The Kidz
The K.
18:20 10 Sep 20
During the midst of this pandemic crisis they were very supportive and though they asked for masks to be worn in the store I totally understood the request and when I needed them they said they had no problem coming out to my vehicle to help me…They understood that my Faith was very important to me … and they didn’t ask me to trade my Faith for other people’s fear they just helped me get my medicine so that I did not hurt…They are very good of heart peopleread more
John Salco
John S.
01:21 27 Aug 20
Great selection.. friendly and knowledgeable staff
Tabatha Ryan
Tabatha R.
00:21 08 Aug 20
Curbside order started off chaotic didn’t catch the young ladies name but she went above and beyond despite my disposition being stressed due to circumstances beyond her control. U ROCK AND I APPRECIATE YOU 🤙read more
Joshua Godwin
Joshua G.
20:24 21 Jun 20
The store seems to be well stocked these days. The past couple of times I went, I’ve dealt with Sarah and she’s been awesome. Loving the lower flower prices as well. Keep it up guys!!read more
Kyleigh Cookman
Kyleigh C.
00:59 11 Jun 20
Curaleaf Titusville is a friendly atmosphere and all their staff are educated and willing to answer any questions!The store is always super clean and inviting. Also while they were doing curbside only (due to covid19) it was superb service and super convenient! Nothing but kind words and good vibes for this location!read more
Chucky Solomon
Chucky S.
14:37 23 May 20
This has been one of the best dispensary I have been to.. from great customer service to answering all my questions.. gave me cool water bottle for being first timer.. truly amazingread more
RusSmiley Ford
RusSmiley F.
19:44 21 May 20
The Store is conveniently located — easy to access … inside It’s Very Nicely laid outThe inventory is GOOD : Selection and PricesThe Staff These Folks are just The Best !Very Friendly Courteous Knowledgable HelpfulIt’s always a pleasure to work with Them !Highly Recommended !Only Con: They Don’t Deliver ! Check Them Out !read more
Anthony Dionisio
Anthony D.
15:35 05 May 20
There are angels amonst us. From management down expect smooth operators here. Full service faster than expected, more
Anthony Dionisio
Anthony D.
07:11 02 Apr 20
I don’t know which of the 3 angels to thank, beautiful angels in allowing them my choice of pre rolled. Service doesn’t describe treating a customer with prowise! Health and enlightenment to the girls working in these conditions abundance to the makers – thank you does not seem to cut more
Danielle H
Danielle H
22:18 17 Mar 20
Michael was amazing and changed my life! It was such a great experience. Definitely my favorite dispensary so far!
Barrett Snyder
Barrett S.
21:51 13 Mar 20
Great grade A selection of all types of medicine. I’ve never had a bad experience in the last 3 months. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about the numerous products carried in store. There’s usually zero wait time and if any expect less than 5 minutes which you can relax on the couches and read the menu or magazines. I say A++ to the Titusville “Curafam”. They have amazing flash sales and Curacredits that you can use to buy items in store. Delivery is available as well as discounts for first time patients and visitors are welcome just have ID more
Molly Mayes
Molly M.
22:00 03 Mar 20
I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given our family. My husband has a spinal cord injury and this is the only medicine that truly helps. We are so thankful for the courteous staff, the high quality product, the convenience and low pricing. Specifically Anastacia has been a true blessing. Always helpful and compassionate and informative to the best products that are the most helpful for him. Thank you, Anastacia and the Titusville Curaleaf more
Terri Riley
Terri R.
17:58 26 Feb 20
Wow 🤩 that’s all I have to say. The staff @curaleaf Titusville are freaking amazing, not only do they make me feel right home they make me feel like one of their family. The atmosphere the is welcoming. They even know me when I’m calling over the phone… lol The products are the best “Layer Cake 🍰 “ is by far the best loose flower I’ve had from this dispensary. 3 thumbs up if I had them. 🤗🤗read more
Janet W
Janet W
16:47 01 Feb 20
If they are going to control their parking lot, then they should not have their employees taking up space in Public Parking! There was NOBODY parked in their lot, actually thought they were closed. Poor first impression, I wonder if customer service is better if you get inside?!read more
Kelby Seaman
Kelby S.
21:36 11 Nov 19
Very impressive staff and “retail” customer service. Staff was very professional and answered all of our questions, very more
Kelby Seaman
Kelby S.
21:36 11 Nov 19
Very impressive staff and “retail” customer service. Staff was very professional and answered all of our questions, very more
Mary Frankland
Mary F.
15:05 08 Oct 19
Curaleaf in Titusville is the best one I have ever been to the knowledge of the people there are superior they check you in quickly never weigh more than 4 minutes have your order ready let you know what you need and what is best for you I drive 46 miles to go there and it is worth it people that are friendly sign and just a great place to go thank you to the staff and everyone else that works hard there to make us feel much better thank you everyone at curaleafread more
Chris Patronsky
Chris P.
18:11 14 Aug 19
I love this place! Such wonderful, friendly and very informative staff!!! Highly recommend!
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