Curry advises young Dubs: 'This year's different'

7:27 PM ET

After being blown out in both of their first two games of the season, Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry wants his young team to keep its perspective as the group tries to find its way together.

“This year’s different,” Curry said after his team’s 138-99 road loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday, when asked what his message would be to younger teammates. “And to not feel any pressure around Warrior teams in the past. We obviously had that championship DNA, and we understand there’s expectations around our organization and that’s what we want. But this year’s different. It’s a new group of guys. We would love to have Klay [Thompson] better these last two games, but that’s not going to define our season at all. And go win these next two and you’re 2-2 on a road trip. That’s what you got to focus on now. Stay with it, stay composed. Hold yourself accountable to the mistakes we’re making as a group and just keep trying to get better. I think at the end of the day, we just have to make sure our effort and our competitiveness is there, and that will

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