Cut to communications services tax gets cut from Senate bill

A Senate measure that would have cut the state’s communications services tax by 1 percent cleared another committee Tuesday — but the tax cut itself was left out of a strike-all amendment put on the bill.

A recent Florida TaxWatch report estimated the cut could have saved Floridians upward of $128 million a year, and the group’s opposition to the amendment didn’t make the record until it was already adopted by members of the Senate Community Affairs Committee.

“With the commercial rents tax and the communications services tax, you can’t find two better taxes to cut,” said TaxWatch head Dominic Calabro. “We hope another vehicle is found to cut this tax.”

With the cut nixed, the committee hearing turned into a home rule battle between major telecommunications interests and local governments.

Other provisions in SB 1000, sponsored by GOP Sen. Travis Hutson, are aimed at fixing a law passed in 2017 to speed up the installation of “small wireless facilities” on the same sites as utility poles or current wireless support structures on public rights of way.

The goal is getting 5G wireless pushed out ASAP.

Hutson and industry representatives contend local governments have “taken

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