Dak Prescott Dog Bite Victim Photos Show Bloody, Severed Finger

Dak Prescott Dog Attack Victim Photos … Bloody, Severed Finger


TMZ Sports has obtained pictures of the injuries a woman claims she suffered after Dak Prescott‘s dog attacked her … and they’re graphic.

You can see in the photos the woman’s ring finger on her right hand is severely mangled — with a piece of the tip clearly missing.

As we previously reported, Dak’s two pit bulls broke out of his Frisco, Texas home on Feb. 25 and one of his dogs, Icon, made his way to Beth Taylor‘s front yard — chewing through her fence and wreaking havoc.50-year-old Taylor says the animal attacked her dog … and when she tried to break it up — Icon bit into her hand.

She says she was hospitalized for 4 DAYS because of the attack … and needed IV treatment for 2 weeks.

Dak’s dog was placed in quarantine after the incident … and was set to face a “dangerous dog” hearing this month, where possible punishment included the death penalty.

But, officials let Icon off the hook just days before the hearing would take place … releasing him back to Dak under the condition he is removed from

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