Danny Burgess to introduce anti-censorship legislation

Sen. Danny Burgess is filing legislation that would require social media sites to provide notice to users who have been punished by the platform.

The new proposal was prompted by Facebook and Twitter’s decision to permanently ban President Donald Trump for inciting violence, specifically for the events at the Capitol on Wednesday. Burgess also cites Apple threatening to remove the unrestricted conservative-leaning social app Parler.

Burgess believes this legislation will protect Floridians from “a dangerous precedent.”

“It seems to me that the government explicitly has granted Facebook, Twitter, and others immunity under federal law,” Burgess said in a news release. “As publishers of third-party content, they should not be allowed to discriminate based on content and ban individuals just because they do not agree with their viewpoint.”

The bill would require social media platforms to provide electronic notice to a user who has been disabled or suspended, within 30 days, and explain why the user was punished.

Burgess also intends to amend the legislation to include social media censorship. The bill looks to the First Amendment as its grounding.

“This bill goes a step further by signaling to social media websites that regardless of a

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