Davis calls NFL's Raiders punishment 'draconian'

4:32 PM ET

HENDERSON, Nev. — Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis took issue with his team being fined $500,000 and being stripped of a sixth-round pick in the 2021 draft and coach Jon Gruden being docked an additional $150,000 for what one source described as “brazen and repeated violations of [COVID-19] protocols.”

“The fines are draconian,” Davis told ESPN on Friday. “But we will appeal them. Outside the organization, people have the wrong impression about the Raiders. We take it seriously. It’s unfortunate that certain things outside the protocol are the things being focused on, rather than the positive steps we’ve taken as an organization. You’ve been in the building. You’ve seen it.”

Davis was referring to daily COVID-19 tests, temperature checks, trackers and masks being mandatory to enter the team’s facility.

“Jon and those guys are working their asses off every day. But at the same time, (the NFL) feels we’ve failed some of those mandates.”

Las Vegas had already been docked $250,000 and Gruden $100,000 for his not wearing a mask properly during the team’s Week 2 home opener. The team also was fined $50,000 for allowing a non-credentialed employee access to the

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