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The Daily Beast

I Spent a Week Down the Right-Wing Media Rabbit Hole—and Was Mesmerized by It

Isolated. Detached. Disoriented. Disconnected from the real world. Damaged mental health. Even fear of survival.No, I’m not talking about coronavirus quarantine. That’s going fine, considering.I’m referring to my week-long self-imposed experiment: I simulated the content consumption of a Trump voter. What they read, I read. What they watch, I watched.Before being called naïve for being surprised at anything I experienced, my bona fides: over the past three years I’ve appeared on cable news almost 250 times, including 89 appearances on every major Fox News show except Sean Hannity (who’s never invited me; tick tock), 157 on MSNBC, CNN, and others. To the extent there are two bubbles, I’m one of the few who commutes between them. Yet, I wanted to fully immerse myself to see how the other 40 percent live.I abided by three simple rules.First, I could neither watch nor read any news outlet I normally would (as well as Twitter), nor rely on any resource I would to research an issue. Second, I had to spend at least the same amount of time devouring content as I otherwise would. Meaning I

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