Debuting today: The Winter 2021 edition of INFLUENCE Magazine

Every time I publish a new edition of INFLUENCE Magazine I get more and more positive feedback from the who’s who of Florida politics. I expect our first issue of 2021 to be no different.

Fresh off of what has been the most challenging year in a generation, not just in politics, but for everyday life, there was no shortage of content to pull from to create what I believe is the most robust compilation of content to drive the Process into what will hopefully be a year marked by recovery.

(A link to the digital copy of INFLUENCE Magazine is here.)

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Last week we announced one of the featured sections in the latest edition, an analysis of Florida mayors and why they are 2020’s Politicians of the Year. We spoke with mayors from the state’s most affected cities and counties to highlight how these mayors took the lead on pandemic response and managed what will no doubt be the challenge of a lifetime.

The issue also features the Rising Stars of Florida politics. One of the things that makes

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