by M. K. Rawlings
(Cross Creek, Florida)

This recipe if from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings book “Cross Creek Cookery”. She called it Mrs. Chance’s Spanish Bean Soup. The following words are paraphrased from Marjorie:

“I associate soup with either poverty or formal elegance. The poor make a meal of it. The elegant dabble in it, beginning a long dinner of main courses with a cup or plate of it, aggravatingly small if the soup be good. One small serving of a ravishing soup is infuriating. It is like seeing the Pearly Gates swing shut in one’s face after one brief glimpse of Heaven.

As happy a gustatory experience as can come to mortal man, is to sit down in one of the Cuban restaurants in Tampa and eat all one can hold of Spanish bean soup……with hot crusty chunks of Cuban bread that you eat “as long as you have strength to break and butter them…” Fortunately, Cubans are generous folk, and I have been able to bring home to the Creek backwoods the recipes for these hearty and delicious soups. Those of the Mayor’s wife are the best in Tampa.”

1 pound Spanish beans
½ tsp soda
2 pound ham hock
4 large onions
4 buttons garlic
½ bell

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