Deion Sanders I Used Money, Partying and Sex … To Mask Real Pain

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“Rock bottom for me was laying between two and three women at a time” — Deion Sanders.

Turns out living in mansions, buying sick cars and banging dozens of women — sometimes 2 or 3 at a time — ain’t all it’s cracked up to be … so says Deion himself.  

We know what you’re thinking … THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! But, Deion says he actually lived through it … and it was miserable. The lavish party lifestyle was just a cover up for the pain he was feeling inside. 

“Rock bottom for me was just being in the midst of a game when everybody’s screaming when they don’t know your middle name,” the NFL legend said on Paula Faris’ ‘Journeys of Faith’ podcast.

“Rock bottom for me was having hundreds of suits and not covering the pain. Rock bottom for me was having hundreds of pairs of shoes but couldn’t take a step in the right direction.”

“Rock bottom for me was having 10 cars and wasn’t going nowhere. Rock bottom for me was having a 14,000-square-foot house but never feeling at home.”

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