Delegation for 11.5.19: Bondi’s new gig — safety bill — FBI responds — JAXPORT — open enrollment

Bondi answers the call

When the possibility of impeachment arose in 1998, President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton signed off on establishing a “war room” to help shape public opinion. Included among the more notable participants was strategist James Carville and attorney/spokesman Lanny Davis, who recently represented former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Until this week, Trump has resisted such a strategy but has now warmed slightly to it by bringing in former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and former U.S. Treasury spokesman Tony Sayegh to lead the impeachment communications efforts. Sayegh is expected to work behind the scenes on message development while Bondi will be the primary face of the “pushback.”

Pam Bondi’s new gig has her on Donald Trump’s impeachment strategy team.

While the Clinton anti-impeachment effort left most of the talking to Davis and Carville, Bondi should expect Trump to continue counter-attacking. While she defends Trump, history indicates she will also be called upon to explain what he meant by a tweet or a comment.

“It’s going to be important for the White House to marshal legal minds around the country to carry the president’s message

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