Delegation for 2.14.20: Bloomberg or Bernie? — Peace Corps — SBA — Trump judges — STEM vets

Bloomberg the Bernie alternative?

The impending demise of the candidacy of former Vice President Joe Biden is causing a great deal of uneasiness among Democrats in Florida and around the country. A growing concern with a ticket headed by Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, a once-every-four-years Democrat, is leading to apocalyptic predictions for November former Democrats such as former Bill Clinton consultant James Carville.

Joe Biden’s impending ‘demise’ is forcing some Democrats to give Mike Bloomberg another look.

Carville says Democrats “losing our damn minds,” at the thought of nominating a socialist, prompting Sanders to call Carville “a political hack.” While the concern is real, where do moderate Democrats go if Biden finally flames out? Who among the field can beat President Donald Trump?

That would be a good question for Reps. Alcee Hastings of Delray Beach and Frederica Wilson of Miami Gardens. They publicly backed Biden’s candidacy after their first choice, Sen. Kamala Harris, ended her campaign.

Biden has long had a strong relationship with African American voters for several years. Several endorsements exemplified this relationship: from the Congressional Black Caucus, including early support from Rep. Al Lawson of Tallahassee, who

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