Delegation for 3.22.19: Wall vs. military — Court packing — icebreakers — ‘For Country’

Military construction vs. border wall

Next week the House will vote to possibly override President Donald Trump’s veto of the resolution canceling his declaration of emergency. An override is unlikely.

Should that fail as expected, Democrats are hoping for a win in the courts, or at least slow the President down long enough so he can be defeated or politically crippled. On the other end, the Trump administration and Republicans could be making a political ploy to force Democrats to cast a difficult vote.

Do no harm: Democrats, and a few Republicans, believe Donald Trump’s push to use military funds for a border wall will harm the country’s readiness.

If Trump is permitted to proceed with using emergency and military construction funds to build the wall, Democrats (and even some Republicans), have said taking those funds will harm the country’s readiness. To combat this, the Trump administration fully intends for Congress to replace those funds.

During a recent hearing of the House Military Construction-Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Subcommittee, Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert H. McMahon told the committee the President’s 2020 budget proposal would seek funds to replenish those that go to the wall.

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