Democratic Black Caucus of Florida endorses Manny Diaz for FDP chair

Manny Diaz‘s campaign to be the next chair of the Florida Democratic Party has sent a message to Cynthia Moore Chestnut: “We’ll see your Nikki Barnes and Wes Hodge endorsements with one from the Democratic Black Caucus.”

The caucus is officially backing Diaz, the former Miami Mayor, over Chestnut or Ione Townsend in Saturday’s election, Diaz’s campaign announced Friday afternoon.

Chestnut, the Alachua County Democratic chair, received the endorsements of both Barnes and Hodge. Since late Thursday, both of them dropped out of the chair election and backed Chestnut, saying the party needs her, a Black leader, to reengage what has been the party’s most loyal base.

Townsend, the Hillsborough County Democratic chair, meanwhile, rolled out an endorsement from the Not me, Us. Florida group, a coalition of progressive activists who coalesced around past presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, a national leader of the progressive Democratic wing.

Diaz had temporarily suspended active campaigning Wednesday evening after an insurrection at the U.S. Capital by rioters egged on by President Donald Trump.

On Friday afternoon, he replied to recent developments from his final two opponents.

The election is Saturday, at a virtual meeting of the Florida Democratic

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