Democratic grassroots campaigns led by women, young volunteers in 2020

Grassroots-style campaigning dominated the 2020 election cycle for Democrats. 

Organizers in leading Democratic grassroots organizations met virtually Wednesday to discuss how this year’s campaign style impacted the election. Participating groups included Mobilize, the primary volunteer management platform used by Democratic campaigns and mission-driven organizations; Swing Left, a progressive grassroots organizing group driving volunteers and donors to support competitive races up and down the ballot; and Vote Save America, Crooked Media’s voter engagement initiative.

Alfred Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Mobilize, said the organization saw an increase in women and young volunteers. Women made up 62% of volunteers, compared to 58% in 2018, and volunteers were also disproportionately young — 24 to 35-year-olds were the most active age bracket in Mobilize this election cycle. 

In the four days preceding the election, Mobilize saw 551,000 unique people sign up for 1.3 million actions on the platform, 73% of whom signed up for voter outreach, Johnson said. That’s six times that of what Mobilize saw in the days leading up to the 2018 election. 

“Those actions can be everything from knocking on doors to making phone calls to attending an event,” he said. “We saw a completely unprecedented level of action in the

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