Democratic leaders say Chris Sprowls ‘glossed over’ COVID-19 in opening remarks

House Democrats on Tuesday accused House Speaker Chris Sprowls of glossing over the pandemic during his opening remarks at the 2021 Organization Session.

Speaking at a press conference after the session, House Minority Leaders Bobby DuBose and Evan Jenne said they wished Sprowls offered more details about his plan to manage COVID-19 and the state unemployment system.

“I didn’t really hear anything substantive on COVID other than an admission that it’s been a tough time for Floridians,” Jenne said. “But I would argue that it’s probably a lot more than just a tough time, especially if your family member is one of the 17 or 18,000 people who have already died with COVID.”

During his speech, Sprowls briefly spoke about the pandemic and its economic impact. The bulk of his speech spanned across topics including patriotism, culture, law and order, and more. He mentioned the pandemic eight times.

DuBose, standing alongside Jenne, echoed the sentiment.

“We would have liked to hear a plan and a direction,” Dubose said. “This isn’t anything new. We’ve had almost a year to live through this and we need to offer the residents of Florida a plan and we didn’t

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