Democrats come up short on votes for Special Session on gun reform

There’s not going to be a Special Session this year to discuss gun reform, according to a legislative vote tally released late Friday. 

 Florida House Democratic caucus on called for a Special Legislative Session Tuesday “to address the epidemic of gun violence in our state.”

The ask was likely doomed from the start. Republicans outnumber Democrats in the House 73-47, and in the state Senate 23-17.

And those party lines are exactly how the votes were looking to shape up Friday. In email responses to how they planned to vote, only Democrats in both the House and the Senate favored the Special Session. Republicans voted against it with one Democrat, Al Jacquet, siding with Republicans. 

Technically the legislature has until Tuesday at 5 p.m. to submit votes, but those submitted so far show there won’t be enough votes in the affirmative to move forward.

To call a Special Session, three-fifths of each chamber must vote in favor. In the House that’s 72 members and in the Senate it’s 24. So Democrats have 30 votes in the House and 10 in the Senate. Thirty-four members of the House have yet to vote and 15 in the

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