Democrats decry maskless Gov. DeSantis for ‘super spreader’ event in Sanford

Gov. Ron DeSantis rallied the base in Sanford for President Donald Trump on Columbus Day, but roiled Democrats who charged him with being callous about the coronavirus.

Numerous high-profile members of the opposition party, including past, present, and potentially future statewide candidates, slammed the Governor’s Sanford showup as a superspreader event in which the Governor was shirking responsibility.

The Sanford rally was Trump’s first rally in his return to the campaign trail since his recovery from COVID-19.

The Governor, it should be noted, was not presenting virus symptoms, though he did rub his nose briefly (H/T: Ana Ceballos of the Miami Herald) after high-fiving people on his way to the stage Monday evening.

Nonetheless, in the heat of the political season and with Trump himself just coming off the DL for COVID-19, Democrats had their say.

“Ron DeSantis showing up at today’s Trump super spreader event in Sanford with no mask and no social distancing is a smack in the face to the 15,000 Floridians who have died under his incompetence,” remarked Chris King, best known statewide as the 2018 candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

“Lil’Trump high fives a line of people at the rally then wipes his nose

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