Dems dust off election wounds at House Democratic Caucus

House Democrats on Monday opened their caucus with a strikingly different tone than their Republican counterparts.

While Republicans enjoyed a post-election victory lap earlier in the day, Sen. Janet Cruz worked to reinvigorate the party.

She encouraged them to press forward.

“It’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback and talk about shoulda woulda coulda but it does absolutely nothing for us right now,” the Tampa Democrat said.

The post-election hangover felt among Florida House Democrats remains days after a disappointing Election Day.

House Democrats lost 3 incumbents and two open-seat races this cycle, fortifying the GOP’s control by another five seats. And While Joe Biden may be President-Elect, President Donald Trump decisively won Florida.

Sen. Janet Cruz acknowledged the implications before the chamber.

“This Session is going to be challenging,” the Tampa Democrat said. “So what? We’re a little bit beat but we have been here before.”

The House Democratic Caucus came on the eve of the organization session. During the caucus, Rep. Bobby Dubose and Rep. Evan Jenne were named House Minority co-leaders.

Jenne praised Dubose’sintangibles before the chamber.

“Representative DuBose and I have an unconventional relationship when compared to

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