DeSantis clarifies comment on Trump elector 'remedies' by Republican state legislatures

TAMPA (WFLA) – As states continue to certify their election results, President-elect Joe Biden is closer to becoming the official winner of the presidential election.

While President Donald Trump is still refusing to concede.

Though his campaign has not produced any evidence in court of widespread voter fraud that would overturn the results, he appears to be pursuing another avenue that could subvert the will of the voters.

On Friday, Trump met with state legislators from Michigan, who could help sway the election if they break with law and tradition and send a slate of electors who are loyal to the president. It would be an unprecedented attack on democracy that would go against Biden, the man whom Michigan voters chose to be president by more than 150,000 votes.

Michigan alone could not sway the electoral vote, but if several states join it, they could.

It’s a method seemingly suggested by Gov. Ron DeSantis, in an appearance on Fox News two days after Election Day.

“Especially if you’re in those states that have Republican legislature—like Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and all these places—call your state representatives and your state senators,” DeSantis said. “Under Article II of the Constitution, presidential electors are

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