Sunday night’s debate between Republican candidate for governor of Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis and his Far-Left Democratic opponent Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum had plenty of fireworks, and in our view one clear winner: Ron DeSantis.

While Gillum went through the usual litany of “free stuff from the government” and charges of racism that Democrats have been running on for years, DeSantis nationalized his message and homed-in on the issues on every television and computer screen in America: law and order and illegal immigration.

“Andrew is a failed mayor. He’s presided over a crime-ridden city. He’s involved in corruption. He’s not the guy to lead our state,” DeSantis said in this opening statement, and despite efforts to get him off message, he kept hitting that theme.

One of the high points of the debate for DeSantis was when he asked Gillum if he would cooperate with law enforcement on immigration. The short answer was NO.

You can see the exchange through this link to Twitter.

Gillum’s well-known anti-police views prompted Jeff Bell, president of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, to go on Fox News prior to the debate to lambaste Gillum. “From a law enforcement perspective, when you have

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