DMX and Crew Leave L.A. Restaurant in Another Diner's Corvette

DMX Confusion at the Valet Stand … Whose ‘Vette Are We Driving Anyway?!!?!


DMX had a great night out on the town Friday night … in a car that was reported stolen.

X and his crew hit up STK restaurant inside the W hotel in Westwood and had a great time. At around 1 AM they left the restaurant and went to the valet to retrieve their cars. A member of X’s team asked the valet to get his Corvette but couldn’t find the ticket. The valets at the W are sticklers for tickets, but the valet recognized X and made an exception, as he eyed the Corvette parked nearby.

The valet drove the car up to DMX and his entourage, and everyone took off for a nightclub on the Sunset Strip.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a guy who had just finished dinner approached the valet with his ticket and asked for his Corvette. Oops. The valet explained what he had done, and the real owner called the cops to report the car stolen.

Apparently, the valet knew X and Co. went to the club so police showed up and got the car back.  


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