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DocMJ Florida

DocMJ in Ft Lauderdale offers patients world-class care at an affordable price. Their qualified physicians specialize in doing just that. DocMJ doctors are renowned in Florida for their expertise, bedside manner, and achievements.

DocMJ is here to support patients in getting the help they deserve as quickly as possible. They strive to accomplish that in the most effective way possible.

DocMJ Highlights!

  • RISK FREE: Money-back guarantee if you do not receive a recommendation
  • Monthly Plan Available
  • Serving Florida Statewide
  • All DocMJ physicians approved by Florida Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use
  • Seasonal residents and “snowbirds” qualify!

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What People Are Saying

Orlando Zelaya
Orlando Z.
13:41 19 Aug 20
Had a great experience with this office. Was feeling anxious about the appointment but Sharon was wonderful and made me feel at ease. She helped me through the whole process and I learned a lot more about how this all works from the doctor. Overall very satisfied!read more
cody walker
cody W.
05:05 19 Aug 20
The receptionist sharon was extremely nice, helpful and informative with setting everything up, Dr. Belotti was great as more
Luke Schultz
Luke S.
20:52 13 Aug 20
Very quick and comfortable experience. Sharon is very helpful and friendly. Dr. Belotti was insightful and made it easy to understand. Highly more
cody walker
cody W.
21:01 11 Aug 20
The receptionist sharon was extremely nice, helpful and informative with setting everything up. Fully reccomend this place!read more
Dustin Swartz
Dustin S.
19:53 27 Jul 20
First allow me to say that Sharon, is the easiest to get along with, of all the people I have dealt with in this industry. And let me tell you I have dealt with a lot of them.I have been sent back and forth numerous times between doctors and dispensaries trying to figure Out what is happening. And in all that time I hadn’t dealt with a sweet “Mother’s Touch” type personThat Sharon is. I wish to thank her publicly for her patience with me, and all the other grown children she is so patient with.She has “patience and love for her patients “100% authentic Treat her well please Dustin Scott Swartzread more
Jeffrey Pinckard
Jeffrey P.
13:24 20 Jul 20
Dr. Brian Szabo, what a nice fellow! Online video renewal consult was extremely easy, fast and completely professional. Dr. Szabo was prepared, had reviewed my chart prior to our session and confirmed my needs in short order, answering all my questions without hesitation. Highly more
Nancy Kheiry Garcia-Echevarria
Nancy Kheiry G.
16:50 08 Jul 20
My second visit to this office, excellent staff and service.Dr. Frank Russo is very kind and answered all my questions very more
Vanessa Krell
Vanessa K.
21:25 03 Jul 20
Docmj is great !!! The people are so nice and helpful. If you come here you will leave with a smile on your face 😊. Great people ❤️read more
13:29 16 Apr 20
The office location is fine. The tiny office is fine. They're not trying to spend tons of cash on a flashy office and overhead.Sharon is awesome. Whoever can't get along with Sharon has some issues because, I am fairly hard to impress and even more difficult to get along with. Sharon was fun. She knew her business and was quick and efficient.Doc was cordial, professional and neutral. He didn't try pushing any particular agenda or anything. He listened to my concerns and gave me some great recommendations. He was also very knowledgeable and friendly.I honestly can't see where these negative reviews would come from. Maybe because of the small little office? I applaud them for not having a fancy office.If you're in the area, even if you're not, this is a good doc and a good Sharon to visit. (My second favorite Sharon, sorry Sharon)read more
Suzanne Shusteris
Suzanne S.
20:06 10 Feb 20
Sharon is incredible. There hasn't been a situation that i have called her and she hasn't helped me. She is the epitome of what customer service should look like. She helped to plan out my expirations, card renewals and doctors visits easily. She makes this entire process run effortlessly. A genuine more
Matthew Miranda
Matthew M.
18:11 05 Feb 20
Sharon was amazing! Everyone was very thorough and informative. Made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. The process was super easy and fast. Would definitely more
Robert Clawges
Robert C.
23:19 30 Jan 20
Sharon was wonderful and pleasant to deal with! Doctor Belotti was great as well. Answered all my questions. Highly recommended!read more
Raychal Ray Ray
Raychal Ray R.
21:03 10 Dec 19
Save yourself the money/time and take your business elsewhere! If I could give this establishment negative stars, I most certainly would. First off, the “receptionist” Sharon, is absolutely atrocious. Her attitude is vile. My appointment was scheduled for 10:45 AM and I was not seen until nearly 1 PM, because Sharon has some weird vendetta against me and kept letting every single patient in the waiting room who had a later appointment time than me go ahead of me. The doctor is nice, but my recommendation was capped at less than 15,000 mg (I used to get nearly 100,000 mg in every single category.) He acted as though by me asking for a sublingual route I was asking for something extra, when I went there having all my routes opened. I even got 50% off for being in the business since I work at a dispensary and let me tell you something, saving the hundred dollars wasn’t worth it. Next time I’ll be going back to the 420 Dr. Lillian Evans. Thanks for the subpar service! Definitely won’t be coming back to this more
Don Deeva
Don D.
15:43 16 Nov 19
Sharon was very helpful and made you feel at ease. I LOVE HER. The place isn’t much but a little office but do not judge it by that. Dr. Berolotti is really good doctor. Overall I was very happy and highly recommend this place. If you want your card with no hassle and ease without feeling like you will be judged. Go here. And the prices are cheats around,read more
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