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Pensacola, FL 32503


Initial Visit: $169
Renewals: $169 (Every 7 months)
*No hidden fees!

Hours of Operation

MON-FRI: 9:00AM-5:00PM

DocMJ Florida

Pensacola Med Marijuana Card Doctor

DocMJ in Pensacola offers patients world-class care at an affordable price. Their qualified physicians specialize in doing just that. DocMJ doctors are renowned in Florida for their expertise, bedside manner, and achievements.

DocMJ is here to support patients in getting the help they deserve as quickly as possible. They strive to accomplish that in the most effective way possible.

DocMJ in Pensacola Highlights!

  • RISK FREE: Money-back guarantee if you do not receive a recommendation
  • Monthly Plan Available
  • Serving Florida Statewide
  • All DocMJ physicians approved by Florida Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use
  • Seasonal residents and “snowbirds” qualify!

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What People Are Saying

melanie brazell
melanie brazell
02:53 26 Jun 19
Well when I voted I voted for this because i really thought it would help people, well I took my son today with paper work like they said.. denied When you talk to them on phone they said they use doctors records back to 7 years, Doctor said no we don’t then why are they saying that…read more
leon jones
leon jones
18:20 03 Jun 19
I got all the information i needed at one scheduled visit. I’m waiting for my card now. I will be back on after I receive it. I hoping for great things in the more
Sierra Torres
Sierra Torres
03:13 19 Apr 19
Staff was very friendly and understanding, wish I could say the same for Dr. Derkaz. The appointment felt rushed and he made it seem like I was not a priority. He did not educate me about medical marijuana, just approved me and “NEXT”! I felt like a number and not a patient. Docmj, please hire more compassionate doctors or at least hire one that acts like he enjoys his career. Definitely would not recommend Dr. more
Jennifer Rowell
Jennifer Rowell
00:41 12 Apr 19
I absolutely love this place ! Doctors are excellent and the staff is so helpful .Their prices are the best around and you are taken very good care of.I did my renewal today with Dr.Derkaz he was wonderful!!read more
brian byrne
brian byrne
19:28 27 Mar 19
Wow where do I start? Doc MJ was great early on and then they were bought out. That’s about where things went downhill. Their handling of adding routes was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen. Starting from making all their patients but a couple wait for weeks to add that route and then wanting to charge them for a full visit to add said route. Then they change it because of the fallout and send out an email changing their minds and price. Well then I call to set up an appointment and they say “oh we aren’t taking appointments for that yet (wait you just sent me an email about making an appointment for this?) and I can go on a list and they will call me tomorrow and make the appointment. Most of the day goes by and nothing until I get a email from one of them saying my renew is in a month and I should go ahead and make my next appointment. I email back and say I’m waiting on them to call me about an appointment right now. She tells me “oh I just tried to call you and it says it’s the wrong number what’s your number?” I give it to her and she says there is still a problem here is our number please call. I do and there seems to be a problem with the guy I’m talking to so he asks if I can hold and I say sure. After 15 minutes the phone hangs up and I don’t get any call back or an email about this so I email the lady I was talking to through email and no response what so ever. Two days to try to make an appointment and nothing, they aren’t even trying. I wouldn’t waste your time with them, there are many other doctors doing this that aren’t so hard to deal more
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