Does Joe Gruters have a clear path to reelection as Florida GOP chair?

Heading into Election Day, Joe Gruters’ future running the Republican Party of Florida seemed dependent on Donald Trump’s reelection. And while the President lost, he won the Sunshine State by a Florida landslide.

Now, Gruters prepares for a 2021 annual organization meeting without a notable challenge in the ranks — at least for now. Party rules allow a nomination from the floor, but the most buzzed about names who appeared to be mulling challenges have made clear they have no plans to come at Gruters. Indeed, it’s possible the entirety of RPOF’s leadership team may stay in place for the midterms.

“At the end of the day, results matter,” Gruters said with confidence. “People look at the party overall and this the party has done a good job. It was united.”

Unity, though, seems one of those values universally desired in politics while backbiting remains the common practice. The position of state chair comes with a six-figure salary and national notoriety. It’s a position party operatives want for the level of control, and it’s an individual whom Florida’s most powerful officials want under their own influence.

The 2022 cycle brings with it a reelection campaign for a Governor who won

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