Domingo German's winning ways create a question Yankees must answer

2:08 AM ET

NEW YORK — Publicly, the New York Yankees manager is continuing to repeat a familiar refrain about his de facto ace. Perhaps it’s time he starts to consider stopping.

As good as Domingo Germán has been, and as good as he projects to be in October, Aaron Boone says that there is no internal worry about his being worked too hard ahead of the Yankees’ expected postseason run. As he has reiterated often lately, conversations team decision-makers have yet to happen regarding the pending innings limit their star 27-year-old right-hander should soon be facing.

“We haven’t set any hard limits on him. We haven’t gotten deep into those conversations yet,” Boone said ‪Tuesday night, on the heels of another stellar Germán gem.

Seven weeks shy of the end of the regular season, the clock is ticking. How long will the Yankees wait before those discussions gain some depth? It shouldn’t be much longer.

Maybe … they already have? On Aug. 2, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman acknowledged on New York’s WFAN radio that there was indeed already an agreed upon innings limit for his young pitcher. Asked if he cared to share what it was, Cashman

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