Donald Trump kicks off his ‘Keep America Great’ re-election campaign

In kicking off his “Keep America Great” campaign for reelection, President Donald Trump told 20,000 rapturous supporters in Orlando’s Amway Arena Tuesday that it’s basically them against the world, but that Trump, Republicans, and their supporters will prevail.

Trump, in his 75-minute speech, pressed many of his drain-the-swamp themes, arguing that in his first term it has seen not just the Democrats but the Washington-as-usual crowd and the media out to stop their movement.

“Just imagine what this angry left-wing mob would do if they were in charge of this country. Imagine if we had a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress in 2020,” Trump said.

Trump maintained that Democrats and an “unelected cabinet” would seek to “undermine our Democracy and undermine you” and that he stood in their way.

“They’ll always be trying to shield themselves. They would strip Americans of their Constitutional rights, while filling the country with illegal aliens,” he warned.

The president’s speech, one of many he’s given on the campaign trail since taking office, but the one declared to be his reelection campaign kickoff, pressed fears of Democrats pushing socialism and open borders, to attack the 2nd Amendment, to appoint

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