Donald Trump seizes on small election issues to spread concern

Nine ballots discarded in Pennsylvania. A mail carrier who altered a handful of affidavit ballot applications. People being sent double ballots.

In the run up to Election Day, President Donald Trump is seizing on small, potentially routine voting issues to suggest the election is rigged. But there is no evidence there is any widespread voter fraud as the president has suggested.

Nevertheless, his comments have been amplified by his campaign, supporters and allies, including Attorney General William Barr, adding heft to the claims.

“Mail ballots, they cheat,” Trump said last month. During the presidential debate last week, he insisted the election had already been “rigged,” adding: “As far as the ballots are concerned, it’s a disaster.”

But voter fraud has proved exceedingly rare. And even a panel commissioned by the Trump administration to explore the issue uncovered no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud.

Five states routinely send ballots to all registered voters so they can choose to vote through the mail or in person, and four other states and the District of Columbia will be adopting that system in November, as will almost every county in Montana.

Even as the president rails against mail-in

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