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Donald Trump’s long-teased White House bid is low key in 1st week

From the moment he left the White House in defeat last year, Donald Trump has teased the prospect of a third presidential campaign. But in the week since he officially declared his candidacy, the former president has been uncharacteristically low key.

There has been no massive stadium kickoff rally, notable for someone who has turned such events into a signature of his public life. His newly reinstated Twitter account, which helped fuel his political rise nearly a decade ago, sits silent with its more than 87 million followers.

He hasn’t announced plans to visit the key early voting states that will shape the contest for the Republican nomination, nor has he sat for a round of high-profile interviews. Indeed, since his announcement speech, Trump hasn’t held a public event.

“His lack of a schedule makes you wonder if he’s really running or if this is just a business development opportunity or a diversion from the DOJ activity,” said veteran GOP strategist Scott Reed, referring to Department of Justice probes into Trump’s handling of classified documents and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, which are expected to intensify in the coming weeks.

Trump, who never held public office before winning the presidency in 2016, has never valued the cadence and

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