Florida head coach Randy Shannon, right, greets South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp before Florida’s game against South Carolina. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

So here is what today was supposed to be:

A warm-up for a big game with Florida State. A chance to pad stats and nobody needs to pad stats more than the nation’s 115th-ranked offense. An opportunity to let some back-ups get some playing time in The Swamp.

Only the third item is relevant because young guys are about all Florida has remaining on what feels like a spring game roster. Instead of a chance to have some fun, the 3-6 Gators are simply hoping to feel what it’s like to win a game.

Has it really been seven Saturdays since the Vanderbilt victory?

In a season that has felt like the Titanic colliding with the Hindenburg (don’t ask me how that could happen), today’s game isn’t even about bowl eligibility. That ship has already run aground.

Instead, this day will be about enjoying some cool weather and cooler tailgating. Florida fans will attend today’s game against UAB peering through their fingers at what is taking place on the field.

And wondering.

They know how they got into this mess.

They want to know how (and if) they can get out of it.

It can be as simple as the change that’s about to take place at the top. We’ve seen it before. There are dozens of examples.

The college football landscape is littered with once-proud programs who have been kicked to the curb and former train wrecks that have turned into powerful programs.

Just look at the latest College Football Playoffs rankings.

Alabama is No. 1, the bar that every team is reaching for on an annual basis. Before Nick Saban and after Gene Stallings, the Tide

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