DoorDash removes delivery driver from platform after video appears to show him spitting on customer’s order

(NEXSTAR) – A delivery driver for DoorDash is no longer employed by the company after he appeared to spit on an order he had just dropped off at a residence in Miami.

The customer, a 13-year-old, reportedly watched the driver spitting on the bag in real-time via a doorbell camera, according to Telemundo 51.

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“I wanted to vomit because who does that?” Elias Crisanto, the young customer, told the outlet.

As seen in the video, which has been shared on the “Only in Dade” Instagram account, the driver leaves a bag of food outside the customer’s door, and then looks at his phone. He grumbles about an alleged lack of tip, then appears to lean down and spit on the bag three times.

Cristanto, however, claims he left a $3 tip for the driver, telling Telemundo 51 he felt the amount was sufficient given that the restaurant was a half-mile from his home.

A representative for DoorDash did not immediately respond to a request for clarification on the tipping discrepancy.

DoorDash, meanwhile, has released “Dashers” from their employment over similar incidents, including one

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