Dr. 90210 Patient With a Sunken Chest Wants Dr. Kelly Killeen to Fix Her Breasts

In a confessional, the patient reveals that she doesn’t let her husband see her topless. Thus, if surgery will increase her confidence, he’s “100 percent on board.”

After trying on various implant sizes, the patient lands on a larger size, which will make her a 30DD.

“It feels bizarre,” the woman states to Dr. Killeen. “This is like so surreal to be able to feel different.”

Ultimately, Dr. Killeen wants to give her patient the perfect chest, but any procedure runs the risk of complications.

“We can get it pretty damn good, but not perfect,” Dr. Killeen informs the Dr. 90210 camera. “I know I want to fat graft her, but you can’t just put endless amounts of fat in a very small area.”

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