Duval County sees rush of Republican voter defections since insurrection at Capitol

Duval County is losing hundreds of Republicans who are fleeing the party since scenes of mayhem at the nation’s Capitol building this week, according to Supervisor of Elections data.

It’s a trend starting to appear in more counties throughout Florida.

Some 324 voters who were registered as Republicans in Duval County before Wednesday’s shocking events in Washington, D.C., have officially switched their party affiliation since the ransacking of the halls of Congress after President Donald Trump urged a large crowd of his followers to march on the Capitol building.

“This is just what we processed so far,” said Stan Bethea, Director of Information Services at the Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office.

He said there are still outstanding applications for party affiliation changes that are pending.

“It’s an awful big number,” Bethea said of the voter requests to drop their Republican Party affiliation.

The requests to change Republican Party affiliation is nearly twice as many as all other party affiliation changes for all the voters who sought a change in the county since Wednesday. There have been a total of 450 party affiliation changes.

A large block of the Republicans changing party affiliation in the past few days in Duval

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