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Duval School Board member rejects Moms for Liberty-linked ‘smear’ campaign

Elizabeth Andersen, a member of the Duval County School Board, rejects accusations of racism as being willful misinterpretation, after comments from a candidate forum in the spring were published this weekend on a national conservative blog.

Andersen’s take, offered Sunday to Florida Politics, is that the comments are deliberately misinterpreted, part of a “desperate, last minute smear campaign” to distract from the “radical and extreme politics” of her August ballot challenger, April Carney.

And in fact, she says, they had nothing to do with race at all, but with how “kids with special needs” are exploited for political agendas.

“The movement to take over our School Boards and inject partisan politics into our school board decisions has a long history of exploiting kids with special needs for a political agenda. That was my clear point in the video which in no way mentioned the skin color or race of any parents or children,” Andersen said.

The video was published by RedState and amplified by activist Quisha King, an ally of Carney’s.

On the heels of Carney offering inconclusive/nonexistent answers to the question of whether she was in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, a failure of messaging amplified by the Duval County Democratic

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