E-Verify divides Republican leaders

Gov. Ron DeSantispush for a politically charged immigration proposal has begun to expose a clash between Republicans as this year’s legislative session starts.

The Governor kicked off the Session Tuesday by reminding lawmakers about one of his top priorities: a proposed mandate for all Florida employers to use the federal government’s E-Verify system to check new hires to make sure they are not undocumented immigrants.

But House Speaker Jose Oliva and Senate President Bill Galvano say they worry an E-Verify mandate would add too much burden on private businesses — and are more open to considering a compromise that would have less effect on the private sector.

“There’s a balance there somewhere,” Oliva said. “It’ll be a tough road because we have to make sure not to infringe upon private employers.”

But the Governor’s office on Tuesday made clear DeSantis’ idea of an E-Verify bill would require “all private sector employees to be processed under the system.”

“Assuring a legal workforce through E-Verify will be good for the rule of law, protect taxpayers and place an upward pressure on the wages of Floridians who work in blue collar-jobs,” DeSantis said during his State of

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