Eagles WR Travis Fulgham's globe-trotting, odds-defying rise to the NFL

2:56 PM ET

The ball left quarterback Carson Wentz‘s hand and began sailing down the left sideline late in the Philadelphia Eagles‘ Week 4 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, and Alonzo Fulgham said that’s when he stopped breathing.

A Boston native, he’s the kind of rabid sports fan who used to watch the Celtics and New England Patriots with the lights off, by himself, when a game was coming down to the wire. Now here he was, watching his son, Travis Fulgham, streak down the field, chasing after a pass that would decide the game.

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“I didn’t start breathing until he caught it,” Alonzo said. “When he did his Fred Astaire [touchdown celebration] down the sideline, I just went berserk. …I’m just happy they didn’t call 911 on me. That’s how loud it was.”

A similar scene was transpiring in Washington, about 40 miles southeast of Alonzo’s Northern Virginia home, where Travis’ mother, Celeste, and sister Jacqueline were watching from Jacqueline’s apartment. The windows were open and all the yelling startled the neighbors until they realized they were cheers.

“I lost my voice,” Celeste said. “I still don’t have my voice back fully.”

“Oh my

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